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Japan- Tokyo- E Hotel Higashi Shinjuku

I am so in the mood for blogging today! 1- Tomorrow is a public holiday 2- We just granted with our third shares offer 3- The business is doing great- Thank you very much for the support :) Alhamdulillah.

This post is pending for so long.. Reason being 1-Not much time for blogging 2-Too tired 3- Lazy add up the zaps to all the 2 above.

Going to Japan soon? Then most probably you want to read this. This is just a short note on our stay in E-Hotel Higashi and some tips, off course. I am trying to make it short and simple k.

We stayed for three nights in this hotel. We are aware that the room in Japan particularly Tokyo are relatively small. However we don’t expect it is super tiny!. I always say location is everything when it comes to choose a hotel, but now the size of the room is second to that! We had to figure out how to fit the bags and the stroller in the room- fuuhh.. I hate this ‘jigsaw puzzle’ game. Hubs finally found the perfect place for our bags to keep it out of the way- on the long bench next to the TV. This hotel is definitely a no-no for claustrophobic.


Despite of the diminutive size, the room was efficiently designed I must say. Funky room with the micro sized bathroom. Everything is here, from comfortable double bed with great linen, to compact desk, fridge and flat screen TV (I wish I could understand Japanese).

The bathroom is airplane bathroom size. It is so small, so you get to combined tap for both sink and shower/bath. The toilet as usual, equipped with Japan high-tech, it comes with its own remote control. The complete toiletries were provided.

What I really love about the hotel in Japan is they provide the sleepwear for you. It is quite comfortable too. They will change the sleepwear everyday even if you are not using it. Same applies to towels.

This is not a typical hotel to us. Unlike any hotel that we used to know, they have their own way to run things. Like we have to collect <and return> the iron ourselves at the counter, no bellboy to take the bags to the room, and we have to do our own laundry. Unfortunately the wash/dry all in 1 machine does not really dry the clothes and it cost us 100 yen each time <3rd time and it is still damp>.I am sure this has something to do with their low power usage compared to Malaysia- <My clothes dryer back in Malaysia is way more efficient!> haha that is what I thought at first. I personally do not favor this kind of treatment.

The staff can speak English, very basic English but good enough to help you get around. They are very strict with check in/out time. Check in at 3pm means you can start to check in at 3 even the room is ready. No such things check in at 2:50 pm. If you wish to check in earlier, there is a fee for it. This is just so Japanese. Time is off the essence.

The good thing is they can store the luggage/bags for you. We arrived pretty early so we leave the bag and went to Korean Town while waiting for check in time at 3pm.

Our hotel from the subway-very near.
We don’t have much complaint on the location. With the price that we pay, this hotel is worth it. This hotel is well situated in the heart of Tokyo. The hotel is next to the Higashi-Shinjuku subway station on the Oedo line and 10-15 minutes’ walk from the main Shinjuku train station and shopping area. The Korean Town is about 10 minutes walking distance. 7-11 is just across the road, so do McD, Tully’s CafĂ© and few other convenient stores.

How to get there: The Shinjuku station is huge. We were initially confused where to go. Here is a simple one. Find the Oedo subway line from the train station to the hotel, you need to go one station to Tochomae and then change trains on the same line and go two stations to Higashi Shinjuku.

We chose this hotel mainly for the location which was very convenient. The Hotel was right out next to the A1 exit. But I don’t recommend this hotel nor will I come back again. I will definitely pay more for bigger room and better hotel. Kesian my baby have no space to run around.

But if you don’t mind with the size.. Go ahead.. It is a great way to experience Japan anyway. Live like a Japanese once in a while kan.. I can’t advise on the room rates because we went there during cherry blossom, a high peak season. So I tell you it cost us a bomb for accommodation. Always check and get the best price from or Agoda okay..

Hope this helps! Take Care..xx


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