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As at Sept 2013 :)


Hi.. There are lots of things happening recently,, well a good one and a not so good one actually haha.
It’s been a while since I shared my personal life here, I am kind of re-adjusting my life and trying to adapt to some changes (a lot actually). I guess I do amazingly well here.. haha.. With the office workloads, 2 kids, a manja husband, a family businesses.. And now squeezing some time for blogging? I am the man! ;p

First of first, just to share a bit about works. Since we moved to Governance, I seriously don’t take it as a job anymore.. I see a career.. It’s a clear path, with clear objectives. It is an honored to be in the team, and I started to love the busy day I had in the office. The workloads are triple, plus (almost half day) meetings, new job descriptions, calibrations, sharing sessions, stakeholder meetings, gosh.. I don’t even have a time for lunch.  On top of that, Boss asked me to be in the music video for CCAM awards.. (R U kidding me boss?)

I never know acting can be so tough! We had to do it again and again for the same scene and yes no more cetak rompak after this.. Buy original! The music video is not that bad actually but hubs kept on laughing when he watched it so yeah.. hell no I will upload it here.. haha

Then we just came back from Jakarta - Bandung trip, I will write about it when I have more time.. The trip was awesome, the foods were scrumptious! I literally gain weights and I wonder how the people there can keep lean despite surrounded with good and fattening foods (Big question mark!)

We visited our tailor to see the progress of our bridal collections, so far so good I see. It’s a bit out of schedule but as long as the outcomes are superb, I don’t really mind waiting.

This is our first business trip and Alhamdulillah the trip is well paid, we managed to find a textile suppliers- apparently they supplied to jakel too, and the best part is, we also found the cool embellishment supplier which also supplied their stuff to jovian.. ngehngehngeh…

The stuff were shipped to us last week, safely arrived and ready for productions! I am in the midst of approving designs and samples, and my un-official fashion-board does helps a lot. They are the board whom yeay or neay the designs.. haha.. The clothing labels are ready and now waiting for the best quotations for packaging box. It’s a long way to go! Mun and Mir are willing to be the models, hubs can be the photographer so check! check!

The not so good part is, I was infected with sore eyes and down with fever after the trip. Then Noah must be infected by me and he was hospitalized for 1 week due to high fever. I have fully utilized my 24 days annual leave, and only entitle for 2 days compassionate leave per incident. Since Noah was hospitalized from Sunday-Friday, I had to take 3 days unpaid leave. Bonding with him 24/7 and realizing that I missed so many things makes me wonder what my purpose of life. To be a full time mom or to be a full time worker? It seems that I am a part time mom and a full time worker.. It should be the other way around kan?

I am at self-war and torn between a career and the kids. But knowing that my kids are in a good hands, somehow gives me some peace and strength to be at work. At least they get all the love from nenek and atuk while mama and papa are away.. I just can’t imagine leaving my babies with some strangers, especially in day care.

Noah is now 9 months old and he is being very hyper, hubs and I takes turn to look after him and seriously it can be very exhausting sometimes. I always asked myself how those caretakers handle the babies in the day care.. Especially the day care that accept under 1 year old infants? For 18 months babies it is understood because they can walk, play and eat themselves.. but under 1 year?  And to read all the fatal cases in the day care, I personally think the best next option is the maid plus the camera off course. Well, we don’t compromised our children safety just to save some money kan..

Last but not least, I want to thanks my one and only Faiz for all the supports and encouragements. I am touched with your tolerance, trust and love. I am writing this simply because I miss you.. tsk tsk.. Segera pulang k!! xx


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