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Travelling with infant

I tell u.. travelling with infant is never easy. u must be mentally and physically prepared when u choose to take your baby abroad. But 1 thing for sure, a trip overseas with your loved one especially your new family member will be the most wonderful, significant experience in your life.

This is what I have learned and experienced on my first trip to UK with Arisara ( 7 months)

So here are some tips for u caring parents who wish to expand your tiny traveller's horizon :)

Before you go

- Flight- to book a seat with bassinet - u will not want to hold your baby for 13 hours.. tak sanggup!!

- Insurance - to buy insurance for your peace of mind

- To get a medication from pediatrician and a doctor's letter - panadol, cough syrup, ubat muntah,ubat gatal

*pls inform your doc that u r travelling ye, coz surat doc is required for u to show to kastam m'sia n oversea tu*

- To get all of these- don't say 'i'll buy it there..' u never know kat sana kedai tutup ke ada riot ke.. haa sape nak jawab tu?

# 2 long john - susah nak carik long john for baby, universal travellers pun tadak, n last2 jumpa kat 'going places' price range rm40-rm100

# jacket/sweater - mothercare got various selections - preferably atleast beli 1 overall type warm

#socks and mittens

#frost defence cream - hey yg ni important k.. if not mayb kulit ur lil one akan jadi very dry n merah2.

#To bring stroller, Car seat and baby carrier - U can hire car seat there but it will be very costly.

and if u haven't buy yet, i'll recommend u to buy car seat which can attach to your stroller. y? because i'm sure u don't want to have to carry the car seat on your hand, and the other hand with big luggage segala kan..

Tak semua tempat u boleh bawak stroller and this is when baby carrier come in handy

On the plane

- Yes u cant carry a liquid at certain amount but not to worry, susu dlm botol dikecualikan. tapi nanti kastam suruh u rasa skit susu tu.. huhu testing la tu..

- Please bring your thermos tapi jgn isi air pulak. dlm flight nnt boleh mintak stewardess isi hot water.

- For your convenience, siap2 isi susu dlm milk dispenser.

- Bawak sekali fav toys baby u, so she/he can play on her own n u can have a nap.

- Download anak nye fav songs and video to ur phone, it really help especially when they get bored, and tired.

- Bila flight nak take off or landing, sumbat botol susu or pacifier to avoid ear pain to baby

- Dont forget bawak 1 small bag yang ada nappy,baju sepasang n jacket,toiletries and pillow+blanket- for in flight use

- Bawak your baby jalan2 inside the air craft

Hmm.. i think that would be all.. if anything yg i trtinggal n need to tambah feel free to drop a msg.. and if i tringat apa2 nnt i add note ni ye..
For stroller, u kena check in time u check in luggage - nnt stroller u akan di tampal sticker and u boleh bawak stroller sampai kat tangga airplane tu. tinggalkan je kat tepi tangga someone will come and collect your stroller. Pls ensure u siap2 lipat stroller tu if u tanak stroller u tu jahanam ye.. coz they wud do anything to compactkan stroller u hehe.

Next I will explain what is VAT - value added tax and how to redeem.

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