Bridezilla's First Aid Kit

Majlis Aqiqah , Sambutan Hari Jadi & Upacara Buka Hadiah Emily Arisara!


Last day counts! Tomorrow is your birthday.. 
So we must ensure everything is ready and perfect.
The invitation card was sent out, dress,shoes..check!, 
goody bag for lil man, Packed!!,  cute teddy for lil ladies, OK!
pack mini quran for aqiqah guest.. Done!
the birthday decorations, Awesome!
And.. U our lil angel was STUPENDOUS!!
U help us pack and (unpack!!) ;p

7/4/2012 12am
It's your Birthday!!
We want to be the first who kiss you and wish u a very happy birthday..
We don't want to wake u up so we gently whispering to your ear
Happy Birthday Sayang..
We hope u'll love the gift :)

7/4/2012 2.30PM
It's your Aqiqah ceremony.. U sit quietly at first but that's not for long ..
U dance, U sing, and U do your own thing..
Have we told U how adorable U look and how beautiful U are?

We never plan to have cukur jambul for U.. U are too big for that..
But the Ustazah insist, so we just go with the flow..
Both atuk and nenek was honored for this..
Granny's blessings..

7/4/2012 4.30PM
It's your Birthday party baby princess!!
We are very sure U had so much fun that day..
Wait until the presents time!! ;p

U don't know how to blow your 1st candle yet..
I hope U don't mind, mama help u to blow out the candle ;p

8/4/2012 10AM
U are too tired to open the presents after the party..
So we keep it for U until the next day..
U enjoying opening your presents..
Thank you for all the presents!!

We had so much fun that day!! thanks to all of you who came and join us to celebrate our baby princess first birthday!.. A deep and heartfelt thank you for all the wishes, the doa, the ang pau and the gifts! Semoga Allah merahmati kita semua.. Amin! :)


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