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New!! Dulang hantaran cantik dan murah untuk kamu sewa!! - Circle Pedestal White Trays

Assalamualaikum dear readers,

As promised, we present to you our brand new trays for you to use during your BIG day!
These classy trays are simply designed for your beautiful wedding :)

Please aware that we have 2 designs for this trays, 

9pcs of Circle Pedestal White- Raindrops

7pcs of Circle Pedestal White- White Scallop

We have the option of clear and colored glass plate, the clear glass plate is subject to the availability. *Limited quantity for clear glass plates.

These trays comes with beautiful crystal dangles.

Circle Pedestal White- Raindrops

Diameter 25cm
Height 20 cm

Available 9pcs
Minimum rental 7pcs

All 9 pcs are available for rental at RM25 incl the glass plate.

Circle Pedestal White- White Scallop

Diameter 25cm
Height 20 cm

Available 7pcs
Minimum rental 5pcs

All 7 pcs are available for rental at RM25 incl the glass plate.

For further inquiries, Watsapp Nurul 0123246465   :)

Some ideas for you bride-to-be : D - Ada gambar2 lama yang beading design slightly different yaa.. ni sebab kita tukar design from time to time.. latest design dangles tu as per photo af the dulang above- that one is the updated 1 :)

choose your preferred crystal dangles

silver flower bowls are also available for rental

Pic credit to Beauty.Me Make Up & Bridal :)

B y P a m a b e a r l i l a n g e l s

1. All rentals are for six days use.

2. All rentals must be secured by a 50% deposit at a time of booking. *Except for decorations- required 100% deposit.

a. The deposit will be refunded once the items returned in a good condition.

3. The balance of the payment is due on the day of collection. An acceptable method of payment is via cash only.

4. There will be no return on deposits for bookings cancelled.

5. Pickup & Returns are made at Sec 8 Shah Alam unless otherwise arranged. Additional charges will apply for other delivery and/or pickup instructions. Delivery charges vary based on geographical area.

6. Customer shall use all property in a careful and proper manner, customer shall return the property in the same condition and good repair as when received. Customer hereby assumes all risk of loss and damage to the property from any cause whatsoever.

7. In the event rental property is not returned, or is returned in a broken or otherwise damaged condition, customer will be charged at buyout price thereof, and shall be due and payable upon billing in addition to the rental charge.

8. Customer shall return all items by Pamabearlilangel Rental Services on the return date. Failure to have said items available will subject customer to an additional rental charge for each day the items is not available for pickup.

9. Every effort is made to fill your order exactly as requested. If circumstances prevent Pamabearlilangel from doing so, Pamabearlilangel reserves the right to upgrade the quality or find a substitute product

3) The full payment to be made on a collection date.

3) Other terms and conditions applies.


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  2. Not available on 12th & 13th Jan 2013- Thanks :)

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  4. Not available on 29th-31st March 2013- Booked- Nur Syareena- Thanks :)

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