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BBQ Seoul Garden


We are looking forward to eat at the place that can makes us forget si fatty crab.. so a few friends suggest to eat here- bbq seoul Garden.. hmm.. we went there for dinner.. (attention!! those who wanted to try-it is advisable to go during lunch hour) coz lunch hour is cheaper than dinner.. because it is buffet so make sure u come with empty stomach.. ;p

hmm.. review.. not our type though.. it is fun because u can walk around n hunt for food.. and u serve yourself and grill yourself.. but taste wise.. hmm.. so so.. but we are having fun laa.. xcited grilling seafood-beef-chicken n veges.. varieties?? yess!! pricewise???... hmmm... not really laa.. :(

we still prefer sakae sushi or mid valley teppanyaki.. but number 1 choice of coz la si ketam gemuk.. hehe..

hmm.. anybody else ada suggestion.. 'where should we eat next??' ahaha kindly inform us yer.. we are more than happy to try.. the pic will upload later laa.. dekat my hubby's phone laa.. n my hubby lak ofshore skarang .. he will only coming back on friday kott.. ;( bosan!!

mode skarang: saya lapar.. maybe akan buat nescafe cicah biskut lemak.. hmmm nyummy!!


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