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Garden One Utama

This is not a blog for food enthusiast..
I am not the type yang makan something and can describe exactly how it taste..
I only can add comment like.. sedap.. tak sedap sangat.. okey je rasa dia..
U see? That is Y I don't actually blog for food ;p

Today, I'm going to share this beautiful, ornate place to dine in..
The Garden One Utama..
I think we had enough of Japanese food so we go and try out something new.
I must say I was a little disappointed with the western food (particularly, the steak) that is y dah jarang makan western..
 Victoria Station, Windmill, The Ship
You name it.. I taste it all..
So far Ill go to TGIF for steak.

So.. When we pass this beautiful garden theme restaurant, 
The staff, show me the menu- which looks so appetizing
I thought most themed restaurant is more focusing on creating inviting ambiance
and neglected the food taste and quality. ;p
I was wrong..

This place is definitely a head turner for everyone who passes this area in OU..
Tapi most of us (even me) fail to notice that it is actually a themed restaurant..
Ingat OU decorations ;p

At one glance u might think this is full house restaurant
I learn that full house and garden is actually under 1 management (no wonder..) 
It's a life style concept restaurant.. So basically U can actually
buy any decorations that u like.. 

Sizzling T-Bone steak , RM39.90
served with potato jacket, ratatouille & black pepper sauce

Braised lamb shank, RM29.90
The house specialty- served with ratatouille, garden salad and mash potato

As I mention just now.. I did not know how to describe the food.. 
ok.. ok meh i try.. hmm.. tender and moist,
the meat fell off the bone with ease.. (sounds cliche?)
ok how bout this..
It's a full blown meal and it taste as if I were strapped into a rocket ship being blasted
into outer space.. haa.. means - sedap giler..
kenyang perut hati gumbira..
harga sangat affordable.. So maybe after this to Garden for steak..

I wish I can come here again with my whole family..
The bigger the size the better then everyone can try out a bit of everything

Sangat susah utk org mcm kami bg tip kat waiter/ress
Since the personalized services was offered..
Rasa berbaloi kot bagi tips..

Haven't tried yet?
It is certainly good spot to try out
I think it is the perfect place for celebrating special occasions or first date maybe..

Try to check out other menu from the web

~The girl who eat~ 


  1. okay. that foods look scrumptious >.< haha... dah la tengah lapar plak ni.. btw, im a food lover too.. i can eat a lot, and love to cook and prepare food juga ^_^

  2. alolo.. dah lunch hour kan.. go n grab something to eat dear.. i love food sooo much.. huhu so we have something in common here.. XD


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