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Lovelife: Fridge Magnets

Assalamualaikum my dear friends..

Saya sedang berblogging secara langsung dari bilik 417 SMC.. Sara's warded since yesterday.. Under close monitoring due to viral infections.. Pray for her speed recovery ye friends.. :) Thanks for all the wish in FB,SMS, vibe,line.whatsapp and the visit :D xoxo
And to my dear Mir thanks for the 'videoconferencing' with u n mun yesterday.. *genius sgt*

Ok.. iklan dah abis.. back to the main topic.. hobby.

There is no need for me to give the definition for hobby and interest.. Semua org tau and I'm sure smua org ada hobi sndri kan.. Kalau time sekolah dulu mesti korang pernah buat essay 'My Hobby' or ' Hobi Saya' betul tak? tak pernah? *tak baik tipu tau*

I have varied interest.. antaranya, berblogging, berFB, collect fridge magnets, and design photobook.
I indulge into one or more of them depending on my mood and situation. Like now, for instance, I am blogging to fill in my time.. ;p

I find that fridge magnets turn into the object of desire when a few friends start to give me FM as a souvenir when they travels.. tak kira la luar negara or dalam negara.. yang penting the significant behind them and the peoples who bought them for me on their travels.

My first FM was from Diba, when she travel to Bangkok, then Kamala, when she go back to her hometown in Penang, Anis from Paris, Didos from Korea, Hilmi from Norway, the list continue.. bla bla.. and the latest are from Willy-Australia, Fida-Singapore and Fiza-Cameron.

I love collecting travel fridge magnets not only because its adding fun and colors in my kitchen area but I also find it very therapeutic.

My other addiction is making photobook. As for now I successfully create and design 4 photobook. Hope I can share this dlm next post nnt.. :) Fun tau!! and salah satu cara yang sgt best untuk mngabadikan gamba2 kita.. :)

What are your hobbies and interest??

P/s- Fara if u read this.. I want a FM!! :)


  1. video confrence was great! ahaks!

  2. i love FM too... but cannot fit it to my fridge... I have a lot of FM, from Europe, South Africa, US, and not to forget from Malaysia... so, i just keep it in the drover... sedih kan...

    Plan in future nak buat frame aluminium to fit the FM... :D

  3. I hope Sara will recover soon.Amin~
    My parents are crazy about FM!
    Thank god the fridge are large enough
    for the magnets!

  4. suka FM.
    tapi parents tak bagi beli.
    bazir katanyaa.

  5. oh my. hopefully sara will get well real soon! pray for her jugak ^^

    btw, that collections are real nice. like it!hehehe.. kat ruma jesse ada jugak FM ni tapi tak banyak. lepas tu lama2 hilang da semua. ntah pi mana..haha. im kind of into blogging things too. music is my hobby jugak. btw, have a good day today onwards dear. cheers :))

  6. Wowww...byk pun suka kumpul fm..

    Ada mase kita tukar fm nak? Eheheee

  7. Daya. naper akak tgk2 FM ni macam ada kat workstation Faiz? Dia amik sorok dari Daya ek..hehehhe.

    Ala..sian Sara. Tumbuh gigi, demam pulak. Daya pun take care jugak..nanti Sara sembuh mama pulak demam.

  8. @mir amira sham appreciate it sooo much.. :) i know u girls will always there for me.. *hugs*

  9. @Izni Hafiz Abdul Rashid hi izni.. eii dekat ikea ada notice board alumunium tau.. dulu i letak kat situ tapi skarang mcm nak mncantikkan dapur so ltak la kat fridge :)

  10. @Liselle MonCherie thanks babe for d wish.. amin!! ahaha.. if the fridge is full kena wat wall alumunium lak laa.. hehe

  11. @chemay ermm takpe next tim u tak yah beli.. if sumone gi somewhere n tanya u nak apa.. u ckp la nak magnet ;p hehe

  12. @millerJ amin.. tq for the doa jesse!! :D alaaa.. y u ilangkan? if tanak pos bg kat i laaaa... ahaha ;p

  13. @Aine Ainun yeay... ok next time kite leh tuka2 ngan kak aine... ari tu beli FM yang Ireland nye cpat abis coz ramai yg takde.. hehe tnggal yg London je..

  14. @Azian huhu tq kak yan..
    err about FM tu dan dan je dia bawak balik dari ofis FM ari ni yang dari amsterdam ngan holland tu..
    dia kata bukan nyorokkan laa.. luper bawak balik.. ahaha

  15. wah, banyaknya tuan belog punya FM, kalerful jap peti ais tu..hehe

  16. FM memang cantik, tp klu ada anak buah, abis calar balar, coz dorg mean seret2 ubah2 susunan...

    p/s: moga bby cepat sembuh yea...

    1. tq babe.. sara pun dah stat aim my FM ni.. huhu


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