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Assalamualaikum kawan2.. :)

It's Saturday!! I'm sure most of you are fully occupied today.. Some of you ada wedding kena attend, some of u might go for Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon, Ada gak yang pergi bercuti or simply hangout with your loved ones.. 

Whatever you do today, just make sure to get your digital camera ready to capture those moments!! Life is a journey.. The pics will be treasured for years to come.

Selain upload kat FB and simpan dalam fon/laptop/ipad/comp/pendrive.. * many techs nowdays* Y dont you preserve your memories in term of photo book? Not only for keepsake, It's also can be a nice coffee-table books to showcase your life with everyone you love :D 

It is great to actually published your story with this photo book.. The concept is very similar to scrap booking.
All you need to do is download its free software, decorate your page with cute icon, put your own words, re-size and arrange the pics to your liking.

Once you are done, Upload the files, proceed with the payments and tadaaa... At your doorstep in 3-7 working days :) As simple as that.

As for now I have tried from 2 different company, 
Photobook Malaysia - A pioneer in photo-book - Subs Karangkraf

Personally for the hard cover I prefer from Uprint - Glossy 

But for the binding and paper quality I vote for Photobook.

Please la rajin2 tengok daily deal sites macam groupon, milkadeal, mydeal, i love discounts etc.. Coz the price can go really cheap up to 70% discounts.. nak beli harga asal memang tak lah kan.. ;p

I imagine in 20 years time we will enjoying, laughing and looking at all those pages again and again. It was our way of letting our children (s)  knows what all those moments meant to us :)

Kawan2 kat ofis pun tengah sakan ber photo book.. I think I should get some commission from this 2 companies ;p

Okeh.. Happy weekend U all..



  1. this is sooo cool! hehe.. i really like this kind of idea. well, i like photos too. is just fun to capture every moment that we spend with our friends, family, children, siblings, nature and so forth. and yah, this is what we can show to our generation in the future..treasure of the family ^__^

    nice photobooks up there.. really love it ;)

  2. cantik, kalau nak buat untuk tunang atau kawin pun sesuai kan??

    tapi, berapa ye harganya? mahal tak?

    1. yana kalau arga asal yg besar tu rm399 utk 40 pages tapi slalu2 check kat groupon coz i beli rm98 je utk hardcopy cover.. 70% off.. ;-)

  3. ooo...kena tgu ade sale la baru leh beli camtu..huhu~~

  4. berkenan pulak tengok..nak jugak


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