Bridezilla's First Aid Kit

Arisara’s Chamber

Dear Arisara,

We worked without cease to get your room finished on time. Mama n papa always pray that we will be a good parents (n never spoil u too much) , raise u with love, be firm to u when we should, and deep in my heart, I know u r 1 strong, viable baby!!

It is not perfect, I know.. But this is the best that we can do for u.. (At least for now..)  We really can't wait to see u, n to know u.. Whoever u r.. We will love u unconditionally, with undivided attentions and protect u from any harm..

We delved deep inside our pocket just to make sure everything is ready for u ;p

This is your “Ferrari”
U will explore the world with us in this :)
Can u see all packed-up now?

Arisara’s- it’s all yours.. Your name hang on your door.. Isn’t nice?


Hope u will have a goodnight sleep here :)


Can we watch Barney with u?

 If Papa is not so nice to mama.. Can I sleep here with u, Arisara..? :(

We hope when u feel uneasy about the world, this place will be the most comfortable, safe n peace place for u to b..

With load of love,

Mama n Papa :)

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