Bridezilla's First Aid Kit

A letter from a brother

It's my 1st day in college, 1st time away from my parents.. 
My brother wrote me a letter.. A letter that guide me, all the way up until today.. :)
Surat ni dah 9 years.. still i keep it properly.. it's 1 of my treasure that i'll keep forever :)

Dear Hidayah,

Congratulations on your next step toward being who you will be.
You will no longer be just a daughter and sister, but a member of society and an individual.
No longer can anyone dictate what you want to be or do, but bear in mind there are people who are concern and love you.
Do not break their heart en route to wherever you’re heading
Be wise, not clever.
Listen before you judge/decide
Respect people and you’ll be respected

Take care of yourself above else,
Do into others how others should to you

Those are some imparting words; I hope you’ll keep at heart

Remember that the next three years will be among the significant years of your life
Do not waste it for anything lesser
There is so much in life for you to discover depends very much in this three years time

Do it right, do it well and most important

p/s you know where to find me when you need me


N I guess, that's what I do for all these years..

I love u Along!! xoxo
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Arisara’s Chamber

Dear Arisara,

We worked without cease to get your room finished on time. Mama n papa always pray that we will be a good parents (n never spoil u too much) , raise u with love, be firm to u when we should, and deep in my heart, I know u r 1 strong, viable baby!!

It is not perfect, I know.. But this is the best that we can do for u.. (At least for now..)  We really can't wait to see u, n to know u.. Whoever u r.. We will love u unconditionally, with undivided attentions and protect u from any harm..

We delved deep inside our pocket just to make sure everything is ready for u ;p

This is your “Ferrari”
U will explore the world with us in this :)
Can u see all packed-up now?

Arisara’s- it’s all yours.. Your name hang on your door.. Isn’t nice?


Hope u will have a goodnight sleep here :)


Can we watch Barney with u?

 If Papa is not so nice to mama.. Can I sleep here with u, Arisara..? :(

We hope when u feel uneasy about the world, this place will be the most comfortable, safe n peace place for u to b..

With load of love,

Mama n Papa :)
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Hawaiian Chicken Pizza mystyle

I'm making pizza!! yeayy... senang rupernyer buat pizza ni.. .. huhu.. no more no more domino's pizza pas ni.. ;p

Okeh as usual..

Bahan Dough

500 gm tepung roti ( i guna brand Nona yg kaler ijau)
11 gm yeast - (whole pack)
12 gm garam- ( 1 sudu besar)
1 sudu olive oil
250ml air suam

Bahan Topping (ikut suka u all)

chicken breast- potong dadu
tomato paste
nenas dlm tin
onion (putih)
tomato-potong dadu
mozarella,cheddar n parmesan cheese (ade jual yg combine smua skali)



campur smua bahan n uli
pastu tutup dgn cling wrapper in 15 minutes tunggu dough kembang

uli dough nipis2 coz bile bakar nanti size jadi double..


letak dough dlam tray pembakar
sapu tomato paste pada dough
letak topping2 pilihan u all
then final touch taburkan cheese

Bakar pada suhu 200 deg cel slama 45min :)

Dah siap!! Senang kan??...Rasa macam so-so ajer.. Maybe pilihan topping tu tak match kot.. akan try guna topping lain lak next time.. n kepada u all..  Slamat berpizza!!! ;p
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March 17th 2011

17/3/2011 Story
It’s Thursday, it’s our ‘Sunday’ … Sebab hubby akan pegi offshore the next day n not available for me this weekend, so let’s pretend that Thursday is our Sunday!! So balik kerja je, terus siap2 n kluar dating J.. Dating kat fatty crab..hohoho.. (tak abis abiss!!!)
From now on juga saya akan mnggunakan touch n go yg ditaja oleh Talisman ltd.. J ..tq tq Talisman J tq tq juga pada hubby J So that Thursday bile hubby pass the card to me I pun senyum senyum jer.. (kasi buang itu zing card) .. hehe.. tapi sebab hubby bg kad tu kat rumah so saya lupa bawak masuk dlm keta (kan we all nak gi mkn fatty crab)
Dlm keta hubby tanya.. ‘mana touch n go talisman?’ n I was like.. ‘aiyok.. I left it on the table laa.. toollooonngg ambikkan..’ n he simply say.. ‘penat la yang.. esok jer la u guna gi ofis k..?’ I sgt fobia nak guna smart tag dgn kad baru.. takut sangkut or takleh guna.. Coz penah try guna zing card for 1st time usage- kad tidak sah- haaa.. tak pasal2 buat jam kat lane smart tag kan?.. So I ask him.. What if I sangkut kat toll nanti??? N his answer is ‘alaa… switch lane jer laa…’
This is sooo not him.. He is the type who
-will make sure minyak keta cukup until dia balik offshore
-make sure my cereal n milk, fruits, grocery, fish for Kuta cukup until he comes back
-if I have to go somewhere-n he can’t drive me- he will show me the place a day before n create funny story about the landmark.., so I will remember n wont get lost.
-anywhere we go, he will mark it in GPS for me
So bile dia mcm tak kisah, I feel like.. Okeh.. U have changed.. I heard at some point in married life, your husband will not b d same.. He will change, the true colors will show.. Do I know U? How could I not know about U?.. We’ve been very close for these 7 years!! So I keep my silent..
N guess wat? Sampai kat tol, dia kluarkan touch n go card Talisman itu okeh.. N dgn selambanyer he told me.. ‘I tau u mesti luper nak bawak..’ *relieve* sgt lega okeh.. Not because dia bawak kad itu.. But I know that he is d same person that I know 7 years ago J
Fatty Crab lagiiiii….
Tak ingat dah ini kali ke barapa ratus makan kat sini.. huhu.. We all kena queue kat luar waiting for table.. N maybe because kitorng ‘regular’ customer.. kitorg potong q.. hehe.. amoii tu panggil kitorg masuk dulu n kedengaran customer yg lain meluahkan ketidak puasan hati.. ;p ke sebab I preggy?? ;D
Wehh.. Fahrin Ahmad pun kena queue kat luar tau.. Sorry Fahrin, I dun tink cina2 ni kenal u.. huhu..
When u enter into my blog, U actually just entered my personal life..
Maybe the story is just about us lepak depan tv..
Or about how funny Si Kuta is.. But this is our life..
It’s a small details, that makes our life’s so wonderful.. J
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Untuk awak aje :)


‘The first time I saw you

I knew it was true.

That I'd love you forever

and that's what I'll do’

Mood: I miss u, I want my husband.. Pls come home fast…!!

Smalam saya merajuk..

Awak cuba pujuk,

Saya jual mahal,

Awak malas layan..

Ada banyak miss call,

Saya x answer fon,

Awak antar email,

Lpas tu terus tak call..

Pagi bangun tido,

Handphone takde miscall,

Email takde reply,

N I said..Ok.. fine!!

Girlfriends ajak kluar,

I kata takde mood laa..

Berkepit dgn handphone,

Tunggu awak call!!

Pukul 4 ptg,

Awak still tak call,

Dalam hati kata,

Awak dah tak sayang saya!!

Buka inbox email,

Ada email baru,

Email dari awak,

Yang saya tunggu-tunggu..

Awak bagitau saya:

Saya rindu awak ni..

Saya nak dgr suara awak boleh..

Saya minta maaf ni..

Saya senyum aje,

Hati sangat suka..

Dalam hati kata..

Awak sangat sayang saya!!


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My New Looks :)


Can u see?? This is my new look!! I blog about my life so the blog layout must have the images best represent me.. J Can u c the lovey dovey mood all over the place? I think I’m full of love.. I dun mind sharing it with others.. yeay!! Let’s spread the love.. mmuah mmuah.. (This is for girls only…) ;p

Ohh.. itu adelah mood pagi tadi.. masuk jer tghari mood itu jadi mcm guruh-lightning thunder bagaii.. geram dgn En Faiz.. Ye En Faiz.. I know u read this.. N yes I still mad at u.. segala panggilan telefon takkan dijawab.. sila berkomunikasi thru email.. Y I mad at him? Yer sedikit masalah rumah tangga.. *hishhh tension* ;(

Walaupun saya marah kat awak but I do worried about u.. Tsunami just hit Japan.. N u in d middle of nowhere.. Tgh2 laut.. It worries me gak.. So if anything.. ANYTHING.. Happen.. Save yourself first.. Just ignore yg lain.. I dun care I want u 2 b home. Safely..

We nit to talk on Monday when I c u.. ( uhh I hate confrontations) R u still reading this?.. coz I tot u said.. tanak baca blog u lagi coz blog u kaler pink.. elleehhh.. blog i, suka ati i laaaa..... ;( urkhhh..

I dah send email kat u.. Just think about it.. malas nak argue2.. ;(

Ohh kepada yg lain.. Sorry laa.. membuat anda smua terlibat pula di dalam prgaduhan laki bini ni.. ahaha..

Ohh dear Arisara.. adakah kamu tau kami tgh brgado? Tapi kami gado thru kamu mcm tak dgr laa kan kan? Ahaha..

My dear Arisara, look wat aunt maryam got for u ? Thanks for d tot maryam.. sangat2 cute n lovely J

Delivery: Uncle Zaim’s express, 12 noon, 11/3/2011

To my dear Fauza n Ain, my due date is on May 3rd.. tapi u all tau kan baby will come out anytime soon after 36 weeks? ahaha.. Will let u know bile i dah masuk labor room nnt k.. Thanks for d tot :)

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Mashed potato gravy (black pepper sauce)

This entry is specially dedicated to newly weds Puan Nisak.. J aishh.. ari2 la en amri makan potato pas ni ye.. huhuhu... ;p

Bahan-bahan nyer:

650 ml air

5 sudu besar stok ayam ( i guna brand maggi yg serbuk tu)

1 biji bawang besar - cincang

1 batang celery –cincang

4 sudu besar mentega

2 sudu besar tepung gandum

1 sudu besar sos tomato

1 sudu besar sos tiram

1 sudu besar serbuk black pepper

Sedikit Kicap pekat (nak bagi kaler jer)


Buat stok sayur dulu

Masak air dgn stok ayam, celery n bawang besar hingga mendidih.

Renihkan dlm 10 mnutes

Tapis kan (ambik air stok sahaja)

Gravy black pepper

Cairkan mentega n masukkan tepung gandum, kacau atas api kecil hingga tak melekat kat tepi periuk

Tuang stok sayur sedikit demi sedikit sambil kacau supaya tak bergentel

Masukkan sos tiram n sos tomato, juga beberapa titik kicap pekat

Masukkan serbuk black pepper n sedikit garam

Ni untuk gravy dia jer tau.. yg mashed potato tu u leh beli instant (dlm bentuk powder) kat supermarket bnyak jual ;p

Okeh puan nisak as per request.. :)

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Urhh.. horror!!

Petang 25/2/2011, Saya baru pulang dari keje, Hubby gi offshore that day-n i’m all alone... feel a bit sad n lonely.. Then I notice laci terbuka.. hmm.. husband I rushing gi airport ke diz moning..?? hmm.. okeh.. I tutup drawer tu.. n take my shower..

Habis shower, the same drawer terbuka lagi.. ‘ishh I lupa tutup ke tadi?’ then i close the drawer again but this time i nail it to my head.. U DAH TUTUP LACI!!.. I try to think positive n continue to do my own thing n again.. laci yang sama terbuka lagi..

Urhhhh!! Gile spooky.. n now I’m chilled.. (ni yang rasa nak balik umah mak mertua ni..) ok.. i try to cool myself n told myself.. ’dia tak kacau u’ so u just do ur own thing.. I told my hubby n he is a bit worried.. ohh do I say a bit?? Noo he is sooo worried sick, he call me every hour.. ;p he even suggest for my pama in law to come over n temankan I.. I have to comfort him that I’m ok n I’ll be fine.. ;p

Okey.. So I get used to the ‘mysterious self-open drawer’ already.. sampai macam dah tak heran sgt nampak drawer tu trbuka.. Until my hubby comes home pun, d same thing happen.. N we just buat bodo jer.. (Sporting tak kami) ahaha..

Untill yesterday… dgn selambanyer saya nampak si Kuta membuka laci dan lepak di dalamnyer.. ooohhhhhh sakit jiwaaaaa haaakuuuu…!!! All this while ingat we shared our home with ‘something’ ruper2nyer angkara Si Kuta!! Eishhhhh I tot dia just pandai buka sliding door aje.. rupenyer bole buka laci juga??!! Hishhh.. tembak si kuta ni kang..

About Si Kuta :
  • pandai buka sliding door
  • Suka main throw n catch- ingat kamu ni anjing ker?? (split personality)
  • suka buka2 skru2 part2 dkat furniture n alat elektrik- we all kena simpan tiap kali nampak skru2 coz cnfrm ada skru yg miss dari perabot/alat elektrik- (ada talent jadi handyman)
  • suka nyorokkan cincin kami-serius wehh (mata duitan-saperla yg ajar)
  • minum kena pakai cawan kaca k.. bagi air dalam gayung jgn harap dia nak minum
  • tiap kali ada orang datang rumah-dia akan menghilang-kitorg carik pun tak jumpa punyer.. (shy shy cat laa)
Jangan tanya apa spesis kucing yg saya bela ni.. mungkin ada keconfusan mngenai personaliti diri.. ahaha.. But 1 thing for sure.. we treat him as a family.. we love u Si Kuta Gemuk!! ;p

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Lasagna daging mystyle

Ini adalah resipi saya yg saya janji2 kan.. :)

Bahan A (inti lasagna)

  • Olive oil
  • 3 ulas bawang merah
  • 3 ulas garlic
  • 1 senduk cili boh
  • 400gm minced meat (i guna brand Ramly)
  • 3 cawan air- i guna cawan ikea yg 99 sen tu.. ;p
  • 1/2 botol Prego Traditional- if botol besar
  • 3 batang celery- hiris
  • 1 pack button mushroom- hiris
  • 2 biji tomato-potong dadu
  • 1 biji carrot-hiris
  • 1/2 biji capsicum merah n 1/2 lagi kaler kuning/hijau- bagi warna warni skit
  • brocolli- ikut suka ati
  • gula, garan n lada sulah secukup rasa

Cara Buat Bahan A

  • Panaskan Olive oil n tumiskan garlic n bawang merah.
  • masukkan cili boh sampai pecah minyak then masukkan minced meat
  • masuk lak 3 cawan air n tnggu sampai daging masak n tambah garam.
  • masukkan prego, gula n lada sulah secukup rasa
  • Then finally masukkan smua sayur2 tu n tunggu hingga didih.. n u r done :)

Bahan B (cheese cream)

  • 2 sudu besar butter ( i pakai scs)
  • 4 sudu tepung gandum
  • 2 gelas ikea susu dutch lady full cream
  • 8 keping cheddar cheesedale

Cara buat bahan B

  • Cairkan butter dlm saucepan
  • masukkan tepung n kacau hingga sebati
  • Alih dari api, n masukkan lak susu- kacau hingga tepung tak berketul
  • letak dkat atas api semula- masukkan cheese n kacau setiap masa sampai likat
  • masukkan garam sedikit- then u r done juga!! ;p

Bahan C (lasagna base)

  • instant lasagna
  • olive oil


  • sapu olive oil pada pan/casserole anda
  • susun kulit lasagna, layerkan dengan bahan A diikuti dgn bahan B, then layer lagi dgn kulit lasagna.
  • Boleh buat setebal mana pun anda suka, just make sure atas sekali tu letak kulit lasagna n cream cheese sebagai finishing nyer...
  • Bakar pada suhu 180 deg celcius - 40 minutes

ta daaa--- dah jadi daa.. ok.. i know u all nampak ada hitam2 disitu.. mula2 just nice dah pastu i mcm tak puas ati n nak bagi kaler jadi 'golden' skit- maybe dah salah skill.. terus tuka kaler itam..ahaha tapi dun wory, rasa dia memang marvellous laa.. (husband i yg kata k..)

Happy baking!! :)

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Saturday Gathering


Semalam we are having our family for late lunch n dinner- at our house.. mcm biasa purpose utama adelah utk mandi swimming pool.. semua ada except for abg Fen’s family.. Dah lama rumah ni tak riuh2 mcm ni.. hehe..

Okey mcm biasa.. kami akan buzy spring cleaning n masak2… So menu smalam adalah:

1-Bolognese Spaghetti by Chef Faiz- u ni takde kemajuan la yang.. dari dulu smpai skarang ni ajer signature dish u.. huhu

Pisang Goreng- By again Chef Faiz.. (big applause) – ohh I tot kite di Europe.. tiba2 ada pisang goreng?? Lari theme betul la Chef ni..


3-Potato Salad

4-Home made mashed potato

5-Caesar Salad with croutons

6-Garlic French Baguettes

7-Potato with Oregano

Mushroom Soup

All are by me!! (clap clap)

Cocktail Pudding- by Ibu

Coconut Jelly – by sist Noreen- err dia beli jer.. so mcm tak count.. huhu

Okeh .. Lasagna n mashed potato gravy tu.. I first time buat okeh.. n f.y.i, my mom in law is a bit fussy about food- means if x sedap-she wont eat.. But yesterday.. She tambah twice for lasagna and ofcoz with big portion.. haaa?? Wat is dat mean?? Hmm.. mestila sebab lasagna saya fabulous.. ahaha.. My mom in law pun ckp sedap straight to my face tau (ohh hati saya bunge2) ;p .. okeh nanti I bg recipe k.. ni bukan blog syok sndri.. i shared things J

By 5.30pm tu mcm dah redup jer cuaca kat luar, Mr Faiz n askar2 pun turun berendam.. lama giler diorg swim taw.. dekat nak pkl 7 baru balik.. ishh ada yg demam ni kang…

Lepas swim of coz laa diorg ni kelaparan kan.. haa.. sambung lagi makan.. ( en faiz sila control itu perut) ahaha..

It’s fun to have our family around.. By 9 pm.. semua start gerak balik.. 9.30pm, saya sudah kuak lentang-tido!! Penat!! L

Bangun pagi2 ni tgk semua dah clear- Thank you sayang!! En Faiz sudah clearkan all the dishes- siap tolong vacuum lagi taw.. *saya legaaa* pukul brape la u tido mlm tadi kan?

Okeh Friends.. if rajin ari ni i upload recipe.. if tak, wait till tomorrow k.. J

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p/s i love u!!


P/s I love you!!
Today I’m taking my 1st EL for this year.. My car break down- takleh start- mnyebabkan hubby kena amik cuti n pak mertua kena anta kami ke workshop.. ( I know I know.. u all akan kata ‘tu excuse jer.. nurul ponteng!!) ahaha.. betulllaaaa…
Sementara mnghantar kreta ke workshop, kami pun teruskan dgn melengkapkan dokumen2 untuk housing loan kami.. It is a buzy buzy day.. But we manage to settle all- repair keta, setelkan urusan bank, n by 4pm dah balik umah.. Resting..
I deliberately citer my activity today.. Coz I’m sure esok kawan2 akan perli2 saya kat ofis..ahaha.. I’m soo excited about our second house.. I always wanted a house with big lawn.. sebab I suka BBQ!! It’s a double story,corner lot house.. *wink wink* .. ohh.. itupun kalau loan kami ni lepas lah yer.. *pray hard*
The housing loan is under joint account.. Me with my hubby.. So the officer explain to us about the MRTA.. The officer ask if we want to make it 50-50 or 100% which only cover for 1 applicant.. 50-50 means if something happen to me, hubby will need to pay half of the loan.. if 100% we need to choose it’s either me or him.. E.g. if it was me.. Then if something happen to me, then hubby no nit to pay a single cents for the house.. But if something happen to him *touch wooooddd* I have to bear all the loan.. (Coz they can cover for 1 person only).. N guess wat?? Instead of 50-50.. He choose for 100% covering him.. Means if something happen to him- I’m not liable for the house.. How sweet!! He put me on top of everything else… *really touch*
oo.. kitorg juga pergi serbu ofis ibu.. ingat nak kidnap dia bawak gi makan.. tapi ibu super busy today.. we all kena tapau old town mee curry ngan oreo ice blended jer utk ibu.. :( hehe.. adoii.. dah laa kitorg ni tak gi keje, pastu pi ofis org lain lak kacau org keje.. ngeh ngeh ngeh.. sowyy ibu... ;p
Europe Tour J
Can I squeeze in citer pasal Europe tour here?? Hehe.. Most of my friends knows how crazy I am with P/s I love u movie.. I make them watch it!! Farah sampai mcm nak muntah2 evrytime dtg umah i.. mesti tgk layan citer ni *especially if Mr faiz takde*
I have no idea y I’m soo into this movie.. Until farah point out to me.. ‘I know y u love d movie so much.. Coz this guy mcm faiz’… ahaha now makes sense.. I njoy watching coz the movie remind me so much about him!! – Not d looks laa.. But d way they fight-the way they make up after fight.. N d craziness about him..
The movie was shot on locations in Ireland.. The view is breathtaking and I told myself.. “I must go there!!” So when I book the ticket to London I make up my mind and choose Ireland over Paris!! ( Paris is not my kota cinta!!) So our trip to Europe for the very first time will only cover England-Scotland and Ireland!! Lagipun cik Arisara too small to undrstnd.. N we promise her we will bring her to Paris on our next trip (ofcoz to Disneyland!!) err.. Wait till u 4 k my darling Arisara?? J
Okeh.. nisak.. I dah tukar lagu2 tu (nisak kata lagu2 puff daddy n pappa bear tak best) soo layan jer soundtrack p/s I love u ni k.. ke tak best gak?? Ahaha.. alaa.. silent kan jer laa..k ? ;p
The Parcel is here!!
Saya membeli barang online lagii (i believe this is the last-coz i’m saving for our trip now!) ia adalah botol2 susu MAM.. Sgt2 cute.. n parcel en faiz juga sampai pada masa yg sama (he redeem his cc points for Tupperware..) of coz la Tupperware to saya juga yg pilih J ..
Esok keje 1 ari, then cuti lagi.. Annual leave for medical checkup.. ish ish.. ada glucose test!! (takutnyerrr) n esok mlm no dinner for me.. kena puasa ;(
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