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Japan - Dotonbori

Japan again! Haha I know... please bear with me. I love Japan so much, and there is so much to share about this beautiful country. Hence I will writes as many post as I possibly can! Gosh it seems like I will never finish this Japan subject thing huh?.. Hang on.. It comes to an end now.. I promise!

Our last destination in Japan is Dotonbori Osaka. People say, you can’t say you’ve been to Osaka if you miss this place. I certainly could not agree more. The beautiful things about Dotonbori are the lights, billboards and the signboards.


I repeatedly told my husband, I want a picture of us with the Glico man < the giant neon athlete on a blue track> as soon as we stepped our foot in Japan- So here we are. FYI, Glico Man is one of a famous Osaka’s landmarks.


We are astonished with the famous Osaka giant signs such as Hanging blowfish lantern-“Zuboraya” – <a fugu(tetraodontidae) restaurant >,

Moving crab < Kani Doraku Crab> This six and a half meter crab is on the front of the crab restaurant Kani Doraku. It is mechanized, being able to move its arms and eyestalks.
Kuidaore Taro, <The mechanical drum-playing clown, also known as the Kuidaore Ningyo >


This place is not only exhilarating for photography but also a heaven for food lovers <like us> and a good shopping place as well.  We took heaps of photos and uploaded on FB for keep safe  for us in case our hard drive goes dead on us.


This place will come to life in the evening; sadly, we are running out of time so we only went there in the afternoon. Yet, it doesn’t stop us from enjoying a very nice stroll along the Dotonbori Canal and the foods < takoyaki or octopus balls was pretty good>.

We really had fun with this signs watching and people watching activity. It is a great way to experience Osaka, I reckon. Hope there will be a next time so we can experience Dotonbori at its best – in the evening off course.
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Universal Studio Japan - Theme Park Escapade #2


The universal studios walk from train station to gate is exciting enough! Just outside before the entrance there's a mall and they have a lot of eateries so if you do not wish to spend a fortune on just burgers and fries, eat before you head inside. There are quite selections of Japanese food. We, however, chose to taste the takoyakis in the Takoyaki museum <not as good as the one we tasted in Tokyo>.

Going to USJ during spring break is so not cool. The crowds were unbearable. We are biting the bullet simply because of the cherry blossoms experience. We got there around 9am and there were heaps of people lining up for entry tickets. We saw people <90% are Japanese> sprinting after we got through the entrance gates and realized it’s because they are rushing to get to the rides. And they had good cause to do so because shortly after we arrived almost instantly each ride has a sign up asking that you expect a wait of 45 minutes ++. All rides of any sort were quickly queued up with excited participants.


The decor is exciting, it has a lovely undercover over the main street area, good to keep the sun off and also rain! This is good especially for those whom interested in walking around for the view and the parade and not really interested in the hair rising rides, like us.  

The place is wonderfully designed with toilets and nursing rooms. There is a kids section altogether. The park is for all age groups and every one can enjoy. We were there with my <almost> 2 years old and a 5 months old baby. Arisara enjoyed it very much. We know how it's like for children at her age with height and age limitations when it comes to rides. In USJ however, there's an area of rides and amusement < sesame street fun world, snoopy studios and hello kitty Fashion Avenue> catered specifically to children at this age.


Arisara seems to enjoy Sesame Street 4D show very much <apparently me too>.  It is like stepping into the world of cookie monster and the gang when you can really feel the seat shake; rain drops fall and smell the freshly baked cookies. Arisara giggles with excitements when she felt the water splash at her.


The only downside is everything is in Japanese. We don’t really understand what the show is all about but they are all pretty animated so we can make our guess.


On the whole, we really have fun and enjoy it very much. I guess that would be all now. 

Thanks for reading! :D
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Japan - Kyoto

It’s been a while since our last trip to Singapore. And I don’t remember much about our Singapore trip. One of the reason I lost most of the pictures <that is the logic uploading thousand of pics in FB> and two, I did not documented it in my blog <I don’t have a blog yet back then>.

What I remember is we stayed in Grand Hyatt Orchard Road, eat nasi campur for 10 dollar per plate and went to Night Life Safari. Literally, that’s all! <hubs even worst.. He doesn’t remember a thing!>

So we are going to Singapore again and will only be back on Sunday. Don’t worry; you may e-mail/PM me for any inquiries because our hotel has free wifi! Hihi.. I will make sure I reply as soon as we reach our hotel k.

<I wonder when I will finish this Japan travelogue post. Hope can finish before our Bandung/Jakarta trip.. huhu >

Have you watched ‘Memoirs of a Geisha?’. If you do, you must remember the scene where the small girl in kimono runs through numerous red torii gates. For some reason, that is the most remembered scene to me. It is simply amazing and passing through the tunnel of the gates is awesomeness.

If you have a limited time in Kyoto, make sure this place to be one in your top 3. Fushimi Inari Shrine worth your time at 0 costs! <Seriously, there is no entrance fee!>.

Getting there:  Just take the train from Kyoto station <JR Nara Line> to Inari Station. Fushimi Inari Shrine just across the street of Inari station.

When you first arrive, there is a small street of souvenirs shops and stalls selling typical Japanese food. The souvenirs in here are waaaaay much cheaper than any other place we’ve been to. You might want to shop for souvenirs here especially the geisha fridge magnet!.


At the foot of the mountain is the temple. This is a very colorful temple with lots of red and orange. After walking through the main temple you then find the corridors leading up the mountain of tori gates.


 And this is the really special part of the temple. When you go up, you just see plain orange but when you turn to look back like the picture below you see all the business names written on the gates. Each tori gate has the name of donor engraved on them <the more donation they have given, the bigger the tori and more prominent>. The thousands <I heard millions> of tori gates leading up the mountain makes the most amazing view. You can easily snap hundreds <even thousand> photos here.



The fox is a sign of the messenger and that is why he is seen all over the shrine area hold a key to his mouth to the rice granary.



From Fushimi Inari Shrine, we head to Umahori from Inari Station <400 yen per person> for romantic train to Arashiyama. The Sagano Scenic Railway also known as the Sagano Romantic Train or Sagano Torokko is a sightseeing train line that runs along the Hozugawa River between Arashiyama and Kameoka. It’s charming, old fashioned trains wind their way through the mountains at a relatively slow pace,<taking about 25 minutes> to make the seven kilometer journey and giving us pleasant view of the scenery as we travel from Arashiyama through the forested ravine and into rural Kameoka.


From Umahori station to Kameoka romantic train station is 15 minute walk. There is no clear sign to this station so we just walk along with other locals and tourists. We enjoyed the walking very much. The scenery is just breathtaking.


So here we go, we will take our romantic train from this station to Saga-Torokko.



Our next pit stop is Bamboo grooves. Walk out from this station, turn left and go straight. Don’t worry you won’t get lost here. I initially thought that the bamboo path was the only interesting thing to see but it was more than that! The mountain and river view was very calming. If we had time, we would have enjoyed the river boat ride too.



There was plenty of small stores around the area selling souvenirs and snacks and also restaurants when hunger strikes. For something different, there's the rickshaws for hire.


We had to pass Gion district and other few places this time around. 1 whole day is not enough to cover the whole Kyoto. It's getting dark and the kids look tired so we called it a day.

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