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Japan - Dotonbori

Japan again! Haha I know... please bear with me. I love Japan so much, and there is so much to share about this beautiful country. Hence I will writes as many post as I possibly can! Gosh it seems like I will never finish this Japan subject thing huh?.. Hang on.. It comes to an end now.. I promise!

Our last destination in Japan is Dotonbori Osaka. People say, you can’t say you’ve been to Osaka if you miss this place. I certainly could not agree more. The beautiful things about Dotonbori are the lights, billboards and the signboards.


I repeatedly told my husband, I want a picture of us with the Glico man < the giant neon athlete on a blue track> as soon as we stepped our foot in Japan- So here we are. FYI, Glico Man is one of a famous Osaka’s landmarks.


We are astonished with the famous Osaka giant signs such as Hanging blowfish lantern-“Zuboraya” – <a fugu(tetraodontidae) restaurant >,

Moving crab < Kani Doraku Crab> This six and a half meter crab is on the front of the crab restaurant Kani Doraku. It is mechanized, being able to move its arms and eyestalks.
Kuidaore Taro, <The mechanical drum-playing clown, also known as the Kuidaore Ningyo >


This place is not only exhilarating for photography but also a heaven for food lovers <like us> and a good shopping place as well.  We took heaps of photos and uploaded on FB for keep safe  for us in case our hard drive goes dead on us.


This place will come to life in the evening; sadly, we are running out of time so we only went there in the afternoon. Yet, it doesn’t stop us from enjoying a very nice stroll along the Dotonbori Canal and the foods < takoyaki or octopus balls was pretty good>.

We really had fun with this signs watching and people watching activity. It is a great way to experience Osaka, I reckon. Hope there will be a next time so we can experience Dotonbori at its best – in the evening off course.


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