Bridezilla's First Aid Kit

Talisman's Family Day

Event: Family Day
Date: June 9th 2012
Venue: Pullman, Putrajaya

Activities: Caricature, Henna, Tattoo, Face painting
                  Mini Fun Fair
                  Sand art, clay painting, 

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Papa I Love You!

Assalamualaikum Papa,

Thank you for everything you did for me. You worked so hard to make sure I was happy and healthy and had everything I needed.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank you enough for all you have done for me, but today and always, please know how truly grateful I am.

To show you how much I love and look up at you, I made this especially for you. I painted the lady bird in red and mama helps with the touched up, and put some gloss on it. The red color looks luscious, so I have several attempts to put it in my tongue. No matter how fast I try, Mama is always quick enough to wipe cleaned my hands. I get busted every time..Hmm up to now, I wonder how it tastes.  

I hope you love the Lady bird I just painted for you,

I love you Papa, You are the world’s greatest Papa!!

Your dear daughter,

Assalamualaikum Sayang,

I am sorry for not able to serve some nice home cooked meal for you. I hope you enjoyed your ‘day-off’ golfing with your buddies. Just so you know I am proud to have you in my life. You are a great buddy, greater hubby and greatest Papa.  

Happy Father’s Day

With Love,
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My Spine-chilling story

I used to be a logic and realistic person. I don’t really believe in ghost. Yes, as a Muslim, I believe the existence of Satan and Genie, as stated in our sacred Quran, but not ghost, spirit, poltergeist or banshee.
I always find myself logic explanations to every mystical question I had.
 Why some people get hysterical?
Scientific explanation: They did not know how to control their emotions so they get frenzy when panic-strike.
The ‘evil presence’ at night and stomp on your body – you are awake but you couldn’t move or yell for help.
Scientific explanation: It called sleep paralysis where our body is not able to move or talk. We even imagining and hearing things that not exist.
I hear someone’s calling my name but nobody’s there
My explanation: I must be day-dreaming.

9 years ago
Me and my girl, Mun are excited to start our Diploma course. Today is our last orientation day and tonight is Cultural Night! We are divided to a few groups, and we have to present something. It could be anything, the dance, play, or traditional songs. We are super excited because it’s going to be fun fun fun!
The cultural night was held in the hall. The hall is quite far and isolated from other buildings. We are not allowed to bring the car during orientation, so all of us have to walk about 1km from the main road to the hall. The hall was surrounded with bushes and wood.
It’s 8.30pm, and we are already in the hall enjoying the show. We take our seat at the back of the hall. Until the third show, if I’m not mistaken. The next group presenting a play titled ‘Sakaratulmaut’. They make a grand entrance, carrying a ‘dead body’ to the stage. They also play background sounds playing eerie ‘sakaratulmaut monologue’. The light goes off, so we could see in a dim light. I was thrilled with the idea. This is going to be great, I think. Mun squeeze my hand hard and whisper to me.. What the hell are they doing? They are not supposed to do this! I can see how anxious she is so I try to comfort her to relax. 
Mun finally calm down and continued watching the show, but I can see how worried she is with this whole play. The ‘dead body’ now is in the center of the stage and the rest sit in one row for ‘yaasin recital’ part.  Suddenly, the stage curtain was falling dropped, leaving the ‘dead body’ alone in the stage while the rest are now behind the curtain drop. The ‘dead body’ is not moving at all.
From the back we can see the facilitators pulled out 2-3 audiences from the hall. Some facilitators go on stage and starts shaking, kicking and yelling at the ‘dead body’, but the ‘dead body’ did not move at all. The facilitator told us this is just a part of the ‘play’. They advise us to stay calm.
It’s getting weirder when we heard screams and more audience collapsed. We are at the back of the hall and can see clearly what had happened that night. I saw the strong wind passing and those who are in contact with the wind will collapsed and get hysterical. Somebody pulled me really hard and scream ‘don’t let the wind get you!!’
We ran out of the hall and gathered in the parking area outside the hall. The situation is out of controlled and all are in chaos. It was dark and I lost Mun. Mun did not bring her hand phone so I can’t call her to check on her. I sat with a bunch of unfamiliar faces. One of them is unconscious. Someone hold me tight and recites something in my ears. She comforts me and asks me to recites Qursi. She even recites unfamiliar prayers and asks me to follow after her. I feel safe. This is what I need now. The girl is Mir. This is how I first met my girl Mir.
That was the longest night in my life. We slept in Surau.  Everything is in control when Ustaz  (I can’t remember clearly.. I think its Ustaz Ismail Kamus right?) Come to the rescued. I can hear the screaming subsides. About 50-60 students were hysterical that night. It was all over in the news paper on the next day. 
The boy who acted as a ‘dead body’ did not even want to talk about that night. I think he really traumatized with the incident.  The audience who get hysterical that night told us a few versions about what had happened and what they actually saw.  I won’t say it here because I am sure you don’t want to know. It’s scary and disturbing.
Well that is just the beginning to my horrid experience campus life. It was a bit creepy, but hey at least I have this exciting story to tell to my kids. 
Okay now you are reading this..
Jangan pandang belakang ok.. J
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