Bridezilla's First Aid Kit


Dear readers,

Just to share with you our latest project.. *excited*.

Now we are busy like a bee.. Wish us luck okay!! Busy means less time for blogging!! You may not hear from us in these few days, weeks, months? I don't know.. We'll try to make a time to update okay!

For all the brides to be, something HUGE coming your way! Like our tray collections, we can ensure you our dresses will make you moan 'waaahhhhh' too.... It's a jaw dropping I tell you!

 Till then!

C U when I C U!!

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Make-believe play

Salam readers!
How was your weekend? I hope it’s good. Today I just want to share with you a great place to bring your kids during the weekend. You see? We barely have time for our kids during the week thus we will ensure we spend a quality time with them during the weekend. A quality time is a time when we can drop our entire ‘to-do’ list and focus on them alone.
We went to Empire Gallery Subang almost every Saturday now. We just loved the edutainment concept they had applied. The fun educational programs that help stimulate young minds through play. Brilliant! 

There are a few creative classes offered but Arisara’s favorite spots are Plaster Fun House and Kids Gym.  We can easily spent hours here. She also loves the ballet class held in Dance Space however the class minimum age requirement is 3 years old. She loves it very much, she can stand outside the class up to half an hour following the steps and mimicking the dance movement eagerly. How I wish she could go in and join those little ballerinas. Soon baby.. 10 months to go!
Get this in a flea market at good price for my soon to be lil ballerina :)
And for the rest of the weekend, we will voluntarily take part with pretend play activity with Arisara. She loves her toy kitchen and play food very much. Her toy kitchen is now complete with all types of pots and pan from all sizes, coffee maker, blender and many different types of play food in a variety of colors and shape. She will cook a pretend meal and serve the food for all of us – and that’s including Noah!

 We believed make believe play can stimulate and helps children's intellectual development. Hence we encourage her to explore her imagination and engage in a make believe play in every way.. The imaginative playing is one kind of activity that is enjoyable and fun not only to kids but adults too .

P/s- I enjoyed play doh very much.. :)

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