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Eid Mubarak 2012

Salam Aidilfitri everyone, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin..
I can’t remember the last time I looked forward for Hari Raya. When I was a kid, Hari Raya is something like highlight of the year (besides of my birthday off course). I just loved the heat and the preparations. Emak will be busy cooking rendang, kuah kacang, and baking her homemade cookies,  (and I helped!) It was really fun! Chocolate chips, kuih makmur, semperit and kuih kacang will be spread of on our coffee table.
Abah will be busy making the ketupat. He taught me how to make one, but I always take it lightly and end up tied the daun kelapa into a ribbon (and proudly showed to him).  My older brothers are busy with hanging new curtains, changing the cushions cover and put up the pelita around the house. My little brother and I counting days to Raya, we just can’t wait to put on our new clothes and to collect our green packet filled with money.
As I entered my teenage years, I find that Hari Raya has lost its charm; No more homemade cookies by emak, and worst, I am not entitle for angpau anymore. I am no longer feels the thrills waking up early in the morning for Hari Raya. Aidilfitri has lost its excitements.

A family I call my own

My feelings towards Aidilfitri change as I move on in life. Now that I have my husband, Faiz and my daughter, Sara (and soon my son, Noah) in my life, Hari Raya is the day I looked forward for the most. Preparing baju raya for Sara thrill me so much (I lost count how many baju kurung, kebaya and kebaya nyonya I bought for her), ibu’s wonderful lontong and palembang, and emak’s mouthwatering ketupat and rendang (thank god I’m pregnant, no one will notice me putting on weight). The celebrations spirit is at rise now. Me and hubs trying our best to give Sara the best raya she deserves. The happiness in her face playing with her cousins, watching fire crackers, let her light up her own sparklers (and looked amazed)  is priceless.
Too bad she doesn’t get a chance to have this ‘balik kampung’ feeling. Her maternal atuk is from Segambut KL and nenek is from Banting (which is 30 minutes away) and her paternal atuk and nenek is from Klang (like 15 min away).  Thus, the idea of ‘balik kampung’ to our family is no longer relevant.
Takbir Raya

We started our Raya with takbir recital. This is like a tradition in my in-laws house. A group of people will come to the house and recites doa and takbir on the night before raya. After the takbir, we served some refreshments to the entire guests.
First Day Raya

After the prayers, we went to Atuk’s house in Klang. All relatives were there. It’s a big family gathering where we will queue from the oldest to youngest and have this customs forgiveness session (and angpau will be given for the kids).  Off course this will followed by photo sessions for all of us. We went to extended family houses nearby; this is when we met the relatives we barely knew.
 Second Day Raya

we are good to go!

We spend our second raya in Banting. We have this perfect rotation where this year all of us spend our first raya at the in-laws. So we only met and gathered on second raya. We went to visit our relatives on third raya, Pak long and Mak andak in Segambut, step gradma in Tanjung Karang, Pak Lang in Rawang and Pak Ngah in Kuang all in 1 day *phewww*.
                                                                     Third Day Raya
our little nyonya
Segambut was flooded!! as seen on tv ;p

We haven’t finished visiting our relatives yet. Thank god raya last for 1 month. We still have plenty of times. Hari Raya is the day to strengthen family ties and to seek forgiveness from each other. So don’t be a couch potato watching raya programs on TV! Go visit your family and friends. Haha…

Selamat Hari Raya everyone!!

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Dulang Hantaran- Notice (Aug update)

Salam dear friends,

Thank you for your interest on pamabearlilangel trays. Regret to inform you that the trays was fully booked for August. However, you can start to book for September onwards.

Only RM15 per tray/dulang
Let me know if interested k.. For Selangor/KL pick up only

1&2 Sept 2012 booked!- Not available-tq
3&4 Nov 2012 booked- Not available

You can also check out our hantaran decorations  at absolutely affordable rate

Many thanks,
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Iftar Ramadhan 1433

Assalamualaikum.. Hello Maybankers! Sleep well last night? Haha.. I wake up early this morning just to check on my bank account. Well, we heard some news that Maybank is giving RM1k ex-gratia to all of us for duit raya. The union has already confirmed it last Friday but no such amount credited to my account.. yet :( So now that Sara and hubs are still asleep, I have no better things to do so here I am updating my blog.

Iftar- Concorde KL

Hubs received a few invitations for iftar and we had to turned down most of the invitations for various reason. I am very sure his boss was like 'yeah.. another excuses..' haha So last Friday hub told me by hook or by crook we must attend the iftar. For the sake of showing our faces there at least once. The iftar was held in Concorde KL. It's really quick one, by 8pm we takes our turn for Maghrib prayer then by 8.30pm we already waved good bye. My hub is the only one who brings family (of course apart of his boss) and his boss like 'bawak Daya' to whatever event they have. So yeah every time we will always be the only family attending the event.. I love the buffet very much. There are not much choices, but each foods there were scrumptious. From Malay to western foods, its marvellous. I've been to a place where there are plenty of foods to choose from but none really taste that yummy. The quality and the taste of the food is what matters to me. My tummy is happy and satisfied with the food!

Iftar with besties- Bangkok Beat Bistro

Finally we managed to find time for iftar! You don't know how difficult to make sure each of us available on that particular time and date just to catch up and makan. Apparently we are too busy with our career and personal life. The break fast was on Mun, she just got promoted to managerial level in Scope Int, so its her treat! Did I ever congrats you Mun? I am so proud of you, you deserved it :). Looking back how far we have come really makes me proud. Alhamdulillah, all of us doing well in our personal life and career. I think we start on the right foot in life. I can see a promising beginning for all of us. Life should not be stagnant. I wonder who and where we will be at 30?
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Definitely a keeper!

Keep everything properly or I buang semua ni!… My husband really pissed off with my stuff scattered around the house. My skin care products to be precise. Literally, you can see it everywhere around the house. Afraid of my stuff will be thrown away by Mr Hubby; I do some spring cleaning to keep all my stuff to where it belongs.
Hmm.. Something is missing.. Where is my Dermalogica facial wash and Cellnique skin sebum? And my Bodyshop mask and body scrub. Like a lightning strikes my head, I learned that Mr Hubby has thrown it away loooonggggg ago…
I haven’t used it for quite some time actually and I don’t think I’m still nor will using it again. The products must be already expired. Some of the bottle is almost empty and yet like a valuable possessions I reluctant to let it go.  No, this is nothing like my passion for designer bag or Fiorucci shoes. Then only I realized that I’m a skin care hoarder!
I don’t have any major skin problems, just a minor breakout during my pregnancy and normal teenage problem (ehem) blackhead! There are some medieval beliefs told you not to change your skin care products and to stick with 1 particular brand. Well I don’t really believe in that. I have no problem switching from 1 product to another.
It’s not that the product that I’ve used is not good or anything but normally I tend to buy things if I am attracted to its packaging/best deal/good advertisement or the promoter is just nice to me. Then I will end up with a few toners, a numbers of facial wash, and a pile of lotions.
With the help from my husband and mom, I managed to identified and split the stuff to ‘To go’ and ‘To keep’ group. It’s not easy I tell you. I think it’s necessary to make room for more products *BIG slap* Ouch!! Ahaha . So these are the things left on my dressing table. Well all these are definitely a keeper for sure!

Look at yourself.. What is your hoarding behavior? :D

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