Bridezilla's First Aid Kit


Definitely a keeper!

Keep everything properly or I buang semua ni!… My husband really pissed off with my stuff scattered around the house. My skin care products to be precise. Literally, you can see it everywhere around the house. Afraid of my stuff will be thrown away by Mr Hubby; I do some spring cleaning to keep all my stuff to where it belongs.
Hmm.. Something is missing.. Where is my Dermalogica facial wash and Cellnique skin sebum? And my Bodyshop mask and body scrub. Like a lightning strikes my head, I learned that Mr Hubby has thrown it away loooonggggg ago…
I haven’t used it for quite some time actually and I don’t think I’m still nor will using it again. The products must be already expired. Some of the bottle is almost empty and yet like a valuable possessions I reluctant to let it go.  No, this is nothing like my passion for designer bag or Fiorucci shoes. Then only I realized that I’m a skin care hoarder!
I don’t have any major skin problems, just a minor breakout during my pregnancy and normal teenage problem (ehem) blackhead! There are some medieval beliefs told you not to change your skin care products and to stick with 1 particular brand. Well I don’t really believe in that. I have no problem switching from 1 product to another.
It’s not that the product that I’ve used is not good or anything but normally I tend to buy things if I am attracted to its packaging/best deal/good advertisement or the promoter is just nice to me. Then I will end up with a few toners, a numbers of facial wash, and a pile of lotions.
With the help from my husband and mom, I managed to identified and split the stuff to ‘To go’ and ‘To keep’ group. It’s not easy I tell you. I think it’s necessary to make room for more products *BIG slap* Ouch!! Ahaha . So these are the things left on my dressing table. Well all these are definitely a keeper for sure!

Look at yourself.. What is your hoarding behavior? :D


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