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New Item! Bekas buah-buahan for hantaran!!

Hollaa Lovers! Assalamualaikum..

1st of all I would like to thanks for all the support! I will try my best to respond to your queries ASAP okay :)

I am really sorry for the late reply especially to those who PM me through FB.. For some reason I can't access it through my phone, I don't know why.. But I will try my level best to reply as soon as I get to my PC k :)

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Check out our pedestal fruit bowls and multipurpose basket, for your BIG day!

It's time to get creative! Mix and match this fruit bowls and basket with our trays and you will find your own perfect combinations!

RM20 per pcs

Only 2 pcs available

Rm15, Only 1 piece available

After all it's your day, so have your say and do it exactly your way! :D


Loads of love!! 

Not Available on 

Feb 2013
28/2/2013 - 4/3/2013 - Adibah Amalina - 2pcs

March 2013//
28/3/2013 -1/4/2013 - Nur Syareen- 

May 2013
14/5/2013 - 18/5/2013 - Mahfuzah

June 2013
26/6/2013-7/7/2013 - Shafina Samson- 2pcs 

August 2013
13/8/2013 - 18/8/2013 - Puan Azah 

October 2013
17/10/2013 - 22/10/2013 - Alin - 1pc
20/10/2013 - 27/10/2013 - Sist Ida- 1pc

November 2013 
7/11/2013 - 12/11/2013 - Mon Miel- 1 pc


January 2014
28/1/2014 - 2/2/2014 - Nadia - 1pc

February 2014
11/2/2014 - 16/2/2014 - Dina - 2pcs

April 2014
28/4/2014 - 4/4/2014 - Effa -1pc

May 2014
23/5/2014 - 2/6/2014 - Fatin Farehah - 1pc
27/5/2014 - 1/6/2014 - Zarina - 2pcs

Sept 2014
4/9/2014 - 9/9/2014 - Maryam - 1pcc

Dear customer, please check the current trays availability here.
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I need a break!

I was trying so hard to epitomize this unattainable ideal of wife-hood and motherhood and it’s started to take a toll on me now. I love my family very much but I guess I am just too tired. I need a break.

I was on MC from Thursday, and my husband is away for offshore. I am trying not to tell him how sick I was knowing he would go through all the hassles to come home (but eventually I did) . I assured him I’ll be alright and there’s nothing to worry about. Plus Mak and Abah are around to take care of us.

I recovered soon after and I am all ready to face my desk,* bring it on!*. Unfortunately Sara was infected by me. She had diarrhea and vomited so me and my mom bring her to DEMC. Doc supplied us with some medications, and I ran to McD on the way home for family big breakfast and porridge for Sara. 

Nursing a sick child is not easy. You have no idea how many time I need to change my clothes, to get her dress, to change her diaper, mopping, wiping, and changing our bed sheet.  It’s tiring and exhausting.

After sleepless night, I told myself, that’s it, you are not a supermom or superwoman.. You need your husband to be around.. You can’t do this alone. 

So that’s it.. I said to him..’ I am exhausted and I need my husband this instance!  Period! ’

He is coming back today and I had to fetch him in airport. I went out as soon as Sara falls asleep. I am pulling a sulking face wanted to let him know that I am mad at him and I can’t do this alone. He can’t leave me for straight 10 days just like that.. I am 7 months pregnant now.. How could he leave me?!! I know I always said, I’ll be fine, I can do this alone, but he should know me better.. He knew I am not used to do all this alone.  

As I reached the airport and saw him waiting for me with McD paper bag in his hand, I forgot how angry I am with him. Haha.. I don’t say a word.. Smiling and reaching for his hand and give him a hai hai kiss.. Gosh!! LOL.* I hate myself!*

We went to KIA again for some payment, and I can’t take my eyes of KIA forte koup. It is so stylish and sporty. Have you guys checked it out?  I guess it’s too obvious, my husband asked me if I wish to convert my GEN2 to this car. I think he knew I was mad at him but I just can’t say it because I am missing him so much.. And he will only be around until Thursday and off to platform again after that. Maybe…  
The offer was tempting though.. He only asked me to pay the same amount I pay for my Gen2 and the balance will be on him. *Droolllllll* We’ll see okay sayang.. I am still doing my thinking.. Don’t close the offer yet..  :)

Finally I have a time by myself now; my husband takes Sara to Ibu house so that Mak and I can take our rest. I hope tomorrow I can give my 100% at the office. Lots of things to be done.. Okay now.. What to cook for dinner?
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New!! Dulang hantaran cantik dan murah untuk kamu sewa!! - Circle Pedestal White Trays

Assalamualaikum dear readers,

As promised, we present to you our brand new trays for you to use during your BIG day!
These classy trays are simply designed for your beautiful wedding :)

Please aware that we have 2 designs for this trays, 

9pcs of Circle Pedestal White- Raindrops

7pcs of Circle Pedestal White- White Scallop

We have the option of clear and colored glass plate, the clear glass plate is subject to the availability. *Limited quantity for clear glass plates.

These trays comes with beautiful crystal dangles.

Circle Pedestal White- Raindrops

Diameter 25cm
Height 20 cm

Available 9pcs
Minimum rental 7pcs

All 9 pcs are available for rental at RM25 incl the glass plate.

Circle Pedestal White- White Scallop

Diameter 25cm
Height 20 cm

Available 7pcs
Minimum rental 5pcs

All 7 pcs are available for rental at RM25 incl the glass plate.

For further inquiries, Watsapp Nurul 0123246465   :)

Some ideas for you bride-to-be : D - Ada gambar2 lama yang beading design slightly different yaa.. ni sebab kita tukar design from time to time.. latest design dangles tu as per photo af the dulang above- that one is the updated 1 :)

choose your preferred crystal dangles

silver flower bowls are also available for rental

Pic credit to Beauty.Me Make Up & Bridal :)

B y P a m a b e a r l i l a n g e l s

1. All rentals are for six days use.

2. All rentals must be secured by a 50% deposit at a time of booking. *Except for decorations- required 100% deposit.

a. The deposit will be refunded once the items returned in a good condition.

3. The balance of the payment is due on the day of collection. An acceptable method of payment is via cash only.

4. There will be no return on deposits for bookings cancelled.

5. Pickup & Returns are made at Sec 8 Shah Alam unless otherwise arranged. Additional charges will apply for other delivery and/or pickup instructions. Delivery charges vary based on geographical area.

6. Customer shall use all property in a careful and proper manner, customer shall return the property in the same condition and good repair as when received. Customer hereby assumes all risk of loss and damage to the property from any cause whatsoever.

7. In the event rental property is not returned, or is returned in a broken or otherwise damaged condition, customer will be charged at buyout price thereof, and shall be due and payable upon billing in addition to the rental charge.

8. Customer shall return all items by Pamabearlilangel Rental Services on the return date. Failure to have said items available will subject customer to an additional rental charge for each day the items is not available for pickup.

9. Every effort is made to fill your order exactly as requested. If circumstances prevent Pamabearlilangel from doing so, Pamabearlilangel reserves the right to upgrade the quality or find a substitute product

3) The full payment to be made on a collection date.

3) Other terms and conditions applies.
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The Real Man

‘A real women can do it all by herself... but a real man won’t let her ’.
I just love this quote very much! How true is that? Looking back at the chronicles of our lives, I knew I had a real man walking by my side, holding my hand tight, and stand right behind my back. He is my husband, my advisor, my gauge, and my best friend.
Like a cliché love story, we are falling in love at first sight. We gone through all the phase of life together from courting, dating (+ studying), engaged (+working), and married (+parenting). It is not always a jovial and full of beans path for us, we also had our ups and down, some rough and bumpy ride but we learned a lot from each other and I guess that is what makes our love goes stronger.
It is not about the expensive gift, fine dining or a bouquet of flowers that touched my heart. I was and still am touched with the way he display his love and affections in his very own way, the way he shows how important I am in his life without saying a words, and how he understand and support me all the way up to now.
I remembered..
He will stay awake until 6 in the morning just to keep me company while doing my assignment or doing last minute revision before my final exam at mamak’s. At 7 am he will send me to my hostel and waited for me to get ready for my exam. He will take me to the exam hall after that and have his short sleep while waiting for me to finished the exam.
That was 9 years ago. Most people said that men will only shows their true colours when they are married. I guess I saw every part of him now, he shows me his true colours in every angle and I find it more attractive and alluring than ever.
The workaholic
My husband is a workaholic. He is passionate with his job, and never takes MC. He always shares with me his excitements with his current individual project. This project is so important to him. I can see he is validating his capability and experience from the success/failure of this project. This project required him to go to all platforms. When Arisara was admitted and he chooses to be with us instead of continuing working on his project in offshore, I know that no matter what, we are always his priority.
The wonderful Papa
He gone to offshore for 10 days, and came back only for 2 days to conduct a meeting for his project and were scheduled to offshore again for another 10 days. We had a very short period and very limited time to get everything’s done before he went to offshore again, grocery shopping, my pregnancy check up, meeting the car dealer and so on. I already set the doc’s appointment. Apparently the date and time was clattered with his meeting.
He is working from home the night before to prepare for the meeting and only went to sleep at 5am. Aware how important this meeting to him, I assured him that I can go for the check up by myself.  As usual, and as expected, he cancelled his meeting just to say hi to baby Noah. He told me he never wants to missed any of this; to see how our baby grows brings joy to him.  It’s too precious to let go.
The family guy
He seriously craved for superbike. He has this dreams how we ride to Penang for Nasi Kandar and to Melaka for assam Pedas. I told him I don’t see that is possible now, maybe another 15 years when our kids are big enough to take care of themselves.
However it’s up to him if he wishes to get himself a bike, I really don’t mind. But he chooses to get us a bigger car instead.
The great partner
I am pregnant and it is so relieved when he became very sensitive to my needs and how my body is changing. How hormonal and moody I can be.  How he keep his cool when I get so emotional and nothing is good enough and everything is his fault.
I guess he understands how exhausted it is carrying 50 pounds in your tummy so he will always chip in with house chores and taking care of Sara. He will let me take a break and asked Sara to ‘let Mama sleep’. He even takes turn to prepare for dinner.
The best friend
I am his golf buddy. I am also his x-box partner. He wants me to participate in his life. He enjoys my interest too. He is my spa partner, and we always went for facial and get our pedicure and manicure done together. He is a great shopping advisor and we loved to spend our time in reflexology parlour.

I think the real man is someone who can be the workaholic, family guy, great lover, wonderful papa and a good Muslim, all at one time.  Don’t you agree with me?
I can go on and write another 10 pages on how I felt towards my husband and how lucky I am when he chooses me to be his wife and a mother to his kids. . It is so moving to see how he sacrificed himself and time for us. I really hope the kids would see him the way I see him right now. He is not only a great husband but he is a wonderful father to our children..
After all he is a real man to us.. We love you Papa..

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Dulang Hantaran decorations for rent!

Assalamualaikum dear readers,
Thank you for your interest on our dulang hantaran. We are in the middle of looking for the most unique, and classy trays for you to use during your BIG day at absolutely affordable rate. Insyaallah.. Stay tuned!
In the mean time, you may check out these decorations that you may use during your special day.

fruits basket at only RM10

Cake holder with cover RM15

Moroccan lantern RM10

Sireh junjung with fresh flowers RM 100
For dulang hantaran rental

Please let us know if you are interested okey!!
Not available on: 5/12/13 - 10/12/13 - maisarah khairuzaman - cake holder Hugs!
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How to get your own plate number.

XXF 412X
My husband always wishes to have his name on his car’s plate number. F412 resembles his name FAIZ. So when we went to KIA the other day to pay for our booking, the agent helps us to check on the current running number in JPJ. XXE is in the running and soon will be XXF.
Since we wished to use and utilize the car by November, we had to book for our desired plate number first (or else we will miss the number).  The agent insists us to use their runner services to help us booked for the number costing at RM500. She explained to us the procedure on how to book the number and she makes it sounds difficult and hassles.
She knew how much this number means to him, she pushed him so hard, desperately tried to get that RM500 out from his pocket.  We told her that we would like to think about it first and will let her know if we need to use the runner for the booking.
After doing some reading, we went to JPJ ourselves, and booked for the desired number at only RM310.
Here is a simple guide for you who wish to book for your own plate number.
1)      Check the current running number in JPJ website
2)      Bring your I/C  and copy of I/C
3)      Fill up the form
4)      If your number is in the running, you have to get the number and queue for your turn
5)      RM210 will be charged for the running number
6)      If the number you sought after was not listed as running number, you don’t have to queue but directly go and see the ‘pengarah jpj’ there. (like our case)
7)      RM310 will be charged for that.
8)      Provide the proof of purchase to the sales agent.
9)      Enjoy and you save yourself a RM190!
The procedure was so easy; it only takes us about half an hour to get everything’s done. I noticed that we are the only individual who bought the number ourselves, the rest all are the runner. I wonder if 1 runner charges each buyer at about RM500 (with net profit of RM190-RM290 each), Let say they have about 10 buyers per day, they can easily makes about 2k per day, in less than an hour. Waaaa…. How much is their earnings in a month? *drooling*
Anybody considering to quit the job and became a freelance runner? ;p
Well..I hope this info helps!
Thanks for reading! : )
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When my husband falling in love again...

He is in love again, he said. I am staring at him in disbelief. He asked for my permission. I can see his sparkling eyes as he mentioned her to me. It’s been a long time since I saw him so excited and agitated like this. I am speechless, a bit jealous. I told him to make his own decisions. He said he won’t.  He wants my blessing, he want to bring me to meet her.
I just can’t say no. He knew I won’t say no to him. I said ‘okay, let me see her first’. I give him my conditions. If he really wants her, he has to wait at least until October or November. I want a peace of mind carrying our baby. He has to promise us that he will treat us fairly. He has to ensure his financial status is strong enough to keep both of us.
We went to see her soon after that. She looks so mighty fine. ‘Exquisite!’ I whispered. I silently admire and worship her. No wonder he kept dreaming of her every single night and can’t stop talking about her.  We spoke to her caretaker, agreed on the date, October it is. I can see how he stared at her and smiling. I can’t help but to envy her.  The caretaker asked for 15k, but suddenly he offered 21k for her. I can see how important she is to him now. I can see how he wants her badly.
She is a Korean but it doesn’t look like one. She doesn’t look like Japanese either. If it’s not because of her name, no one will ever guess it right. I think I should agree on this. I have to take the fact that my husband has falling in love again. He is falling in love with…
 Miss Kia Optima…
Tsk Tsk…
: (
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