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Pavlova & Macaron

 Date: 24/8/2011, 0945pm

Craving for macaron.. for 3 days now.. So on the way home from KLIA, singgah Empire Gallery to buy macaron.. ternampak lak mouthwatering pavlova.. to satisfy my sweet tooth yg mngade xtra ni.. try gak beli pavlova.. sumpah tak tipu sedap sangat ok.. sangat2 sedap.. just thinking of it makes me salivate.. jeezz.. nurul tak senonoh.. puasa kott..

psstt.. if u know me.. i dah stop update remeh-temeh things in my blog.. but couldnt help it.. pavlova sgt sedap so kena promote!! i want pavlova for my birthday cake taw!! :) 

Angry baby- kena tinggal and it's time for bed.. mau tak angin si Sara ni.. hehe.. sorry baby :(
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Iftar- Intekma Resort

Date: 20/8/2011
Venue: Intekma Resort

My Iftar with fellow maybankers yg gila2.. how gile they are can be seen from the pic.. ada 10 kepala.. so time amik gamba mesti ada yang buat spoil.. here are some candid and pic yg tak brape nak jadi.. hehe..
The food is just ok.. (intekma kan..wat to expect?) but the ambiance is nice.. the table is not so close to another.. and you have the option nak makan dlm dewan or by the pool.. n tak lupe juga..ada live performance by Rosma AF..

psstt.. n 1st time gak i makan buffet, table penuh satu meja.. ahaha.. smua gara2 amaran seseorang tuu.. ;p
It's a well spent weekend sambil menunggu ketibaan ari isnin.. ini lah 1st time saya (n all maybankers) tak sabar menunggu monday!! yeayy!!

pic yg dah edit tu credit to Saie.. :)
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Iftar - Intercontinental Hotel

Date: 18/8/2011
Venue: Intercontinental hotel

Another company event.. hmm personally I prefer this hotel than Royale Chulan.. Even though the food is not variable but the quality and the taste.. tip top I should say.. and the environment is comfortable too..
Tomorrow will attend another iftar in intekma.. wahai badan janganlaa bertambah berat.. hehe..

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Iftar - Royale Chulan Hotel

papa papa hot ;p


food hunting

Antara 'The Food'

Puan Sri Emily Arisara

Mama n Sara @ lobby

Date: 12/8/2011
Venue: Bunga Emas, The Royale Chulan Hotel
Event: Majlis berbuka puasa Surveyor

Our 1st iftar event.. finally manage gak to join.. hubby dpt bnyak invitation but since we have sara, we rather spend more quality time at home sweet home..
will make a time to iftar with both side family, maybankers n bestie.. so that's another 4 iftars??
hmm.. To all muslims.. Salam Ramadhan,
May this Ramadhan bring us closer together.. :)

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Colmar Tropicale

This is our second time visiting Colmar.. 1st time datang ari tu rasa boring n cuaca lak panas so mcm tak ada feel 'france la sangatt...' Alhamdulillah this time cuaca pun sejuk n d night view pun sgt mesmerizing.. Tak banyak activity kat sini.. Those yg dtg sini mostly to relax, to run away from hustle and bustle of cities..

Morning and night view in Colmar's
If only we knew the suite is this big, then we would invite others to come along.. haih.. but it's our family moment- just the 3 of us.. bonding time.. :)

The suite is too big for the 3 of us
bring home Arisara's feet wax.. kenangan Arisara's 4 months in Bkt Tinggi.. sgt cute kaki Arisara time ni k.. esok dia besar bole tgk how big she have grown ;p

Arisara first wax feet art.. 
activity kat sini yg ada -simple fun fair, art shop, games arcade, golf course, and the show.. tak banyak activity kat sini.. i think the purpose is just hang around lepak2 n relax kot..

The show
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Short Weekend Getaway

Date: 29/7/2011
Venue: Colmar Tropicale Bukit Tinggi Pahang

As usual on Friday, hubby will ask me where to go this weekend.. normally i wud say rumah mak, rumah ibu, tgk movie, window shopping.. but that day mengada xtra i simply say colmar bkt tinggi.. Never knew he took it seriously n next thing i know he is on d way home, taking half day n the suite is already booked.. 

Aiyak.. nasib baik on Friday balik awal.. pkl 4 dah leh kluar ofis.. so i rush home n evryrhing is already pack n prepared by bibik.. mandi pun tak.. trus tuka baju n we r on our way.. err drop bibik kat keramat.. bibik pun cuti.. ;p

Bukit Tinggi is very near about 1 n half hour drive, n tadaaa u r in France already.. huhu..

Very relaxing, if nak short vacation yg dekat n tak membocorkan poket.. this is the place :)

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