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VAT - Shop shop shop!!!

Kepada a friend yang akan bersuka suki di UK, this is for u.. (puas ati tak?) ;p

VAT tu adalah value added tax- Dekat Europe, harga yang kita bayar tu dah include tax. I guess the tax tu just for resident kot. For foreign visitor like us, we entitle to claim back the VAT refund on the purchases made.

The VAT tax refund is 20% from retail price. Means if u purchase rm1000, the refund u'll get is rm200. haaa terkezut tak? banyak kan? huhu..

To be frank I dah survey a few things I wish to buy - KL prices and UK prices - if dah convert currency tu the price is about the same but VAT refund tu yang akan bagi u save banyak : D (except for those limited edition yg xde kat KL tu k) 

So this is what you need to do

1) Look for VAT refund logo store or terus gi kaunter tanya if they offer VAT refund.

2) If yes, make your purchases and they will give u a form and a receipt.
- Butik yg best, cust service tip top - they will do everything for u , for others, u need to fill up the form yourself ;p

3) Simpan resit n form tu elok2, kalau hilang anggap aje duit u all dah melayang

4) If u travel from Ireland to London then baru balik KL, then the item yg u purchase kat Ireland tu, U kena claim kat London, time nak balik KL nanti.

5) Separate barang2 yang u all beli n nak claim VAT refund dalam hand luggage untuk kastam verified nanti.
Jangan masuk dlm baggage utk kargo k.. takde cop verified kastam means takde refund.

6) lepas dah dapat cop, u all kena lak pegi kaunter Global Tax Free refund office to get your cash back immediately. Instead of cash, u all may opt the following- bank cheque, directly credit to card or transfer money to bank account. I choose to directly credit to card coz if u nak cash on the spot ada xtra charge.. if im not mistaken its about 10 pound.. banyak kot tu.. huhu

Barang2 baby tak boleh claim VAT k, coz mmg dah sgt2 murah.. serius murah!! for e.g, philips avent bottle warmer tu about rm300 here but kat sana only rm150 convert to RM.

My best moment in London city is definitely when I go shop, shop and shop more. People says money can't buy happiness, But money can buy me a flight ticket, a handbag, my baby fine clothing that makes me happy.. so money does makes me happy!! ;p 




Life is short, ingat tuhan, enjoy your life, u'll b the happiest person on earth!

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Travelling with infant

I tell u.. travelling with infant is never easy. u must be mentally and physically prepared when u choose to take your baby abroad. But 1 thing for sure, a trip overseas with your loved one especially your new family member will be the most wonderful, significant experience in your life.

This is what I have learned and experienced on my first trip to UK with Arisara ( 7 months)

So here are some tips for u caring parents who wish to expand your tiny traveller's horizon :)

Before you go

- Flight- to book a seat with bassinet - u will not want to hold your baby for 13 hours.. tak sanggup!!

- Insurance - to buy insurance for your peace of mind

- To get a medication from pediatrician and a doctor's letter - panadol, cough syrup, ubat muntah,ubat gatal

*pls inform your doc that u r travelling ye, coz surat doc is required for u to show to kastam m'sia n oversea tu*

- To get all of these- don't say 'i'll buy it there..' u never know kat sana kedai tutup ke ada riot ke.. haa sape nak jawab tu?

# 2 long john - susah nak carik long john for baby, universal travellers pun tadak, n last2 jumpa kat 'going places' price range rm40-rm100

# jacket/sweater - mothercare got various selections - preferably atleast beli 1 overall type warm

#socks and mittens

#frost defence cream - hey yg ni important k.. if not mayb kulit ur lil one akan jadi very dry n merah2.

#To bring stroller, Car seat and baby carrier - U can hire car seat there but it will be very costly.

and if u haven't buy yet, i'll recommend u to buy car seat which can attach to your stroller. y? because i'm sure u don't want to have to carry the car seat on your hand, and the other hand with big luggage segala kan..

Tak semua tempat u boleh bawak stroller and this is when baby carrier come in handy

On the plane

- Yes u cant carry a liquid at certain amount but not to worry, susu dlm botol dikecualikan. tapi nanti kastam suruh u rasa skit susu tu.. huhu testing la tu..

- Please bring your thermos tapi jgn isi air pulak. dlm flight nnt boleh mintak stewardess isi hot water.

- For your convenience, siap2 isi susu dlm milk dispenser.

- Bawak sekali fav toys baby u, so she/he can play on her own n u can have a nap.

- Download anak nye fav songs and video to ur phone, it really help especially when they get bored, and tired.

- Bila flight nak take off or landing, sumbat botol susu or pacifier to avoid ear pain to baby

- Dont forget bawak 1 small bag yang ada nappy,baju sepasang n jacket,toiletries and pillow+blanket- for in flight use

- Bawak your baby jalan2 inside the air craft

Hmm.. i think that would be all.. if anything yg i trtinggal n need to tambah feel free to drop a msg.. and if i tringat apa2 nnt i add note ni ye..
For stroller, u kena check in time u check in luggage - nnt stroller u akan di tampal sticker and u boleh bawak stroller sampai kat tangga airplane tu. tinggalkan je kat tepi tangga someone will come and collect your stroller. Pls ensure u siap2 lipat stroller tu if u tanak stroller u tu jahanam ye.. coz they wud do anything to compactkan stroller u hehe.

Next I will explain what is VAT - value added tax and how to redeem.

Sharing is caring!!



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Dear friends,

ahaha.. hello helloo.. testing.. testing...

fuuhh... tiup skit habuk habuk ni.. hmm.. arr.. err.. how to start yer??
hehe it's been a while since i cot cet cot cet kat blog bear bear ni.. I've been busy with my lil angel, house chores and my work.. busy giler u all.. huhu but i love my life now.. rasa mcm tak buang masa.. every seconds of my life  digunakan dgn sebaik2 nye..
ini hari ke 4 bercuti.. n i really have nothing to do- baju dah iron, rumah dah tip top kemas, n sara is bonding2 with papa now.. so i was thinking 'how about me update something?'

The vacation to Europe was great.. it's a great way to celebrate our second anniversary.. I couldn't ask for more.. thanks papa for your understanding.. surprise me for our third anniv yer *wink wink*

N I love my new job so so much!! i love my room.. but i hate the view.. ahaha.. I have about 40 agents which I need to score their calls, do coaching, attend meeting and do monthly report.. mcm cikgu tak? kak fara n kak hazrin is d most helpful.. n if i'm not in my room, sila carik i dekat bilik diorang.. ;p

For the past 2 months, I was thinking to decorate the room with mini aquarium, beautiful desk lamp, and our family portrait.. haha until now there's none! I told u i was very busy!! ;p

Sometimes I have to come on weekend to finish my task.. and this is when papa n sara have to tagged along.. sory sayang2 ku :)

Current project is Emily Arisara's 1st birthday bash.. I already have a theme.. Since Arisara love her Mr Teddy so much, I am planning to have Teddy Bear Picnic Birthday Party... There will be a lot of Mr n Mrs Teddy's around, red and white checkered table cloth, colorful balloons, and birthday flag.. Oh nice food will be served too!!    : D

To Julena.. penat dah i bagi tips kat u.. u mmg degil!! ;p

Lot's of love,
~ Nurul ~
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