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Dear friends,

ahaha.. hello helloo.. testing.. testing...

fuuhh... tiup skit habuk habuk ni.. hmm.. arr.. err.. how to start yer??
hehe it's been a while since i cot cet cot cet kat blog bear bear ni.. I've been busy with my lil angel, house chores and my work.. busy giler u all.. huhu but i love my life now.. rasa mcm tak buang masa.. every seconds of my life  digunakan dgn sebaik2 nye..
ini hari ke 4 bercuti.. n i really have nothing to do- baju dah iron, rumah dah tip top kemas, n sara is bonding2 with papa now.. so i was thinking 'how about me update something?'

The vacation to Europe was great.. it's a great way to celebrate our second anniversary.. I couldn't ask for more.. thanks papa for your understanding.. surprise me for our third anniv yer *wink wink*

N I love my new job so so much!! i love my room.. but i hate the view.. ahaha.. I have about 40 agents which I need to score their calls, do coaching, attend meeting and do monthly report.. mcm cikgu tak? kak fara n kak hazrin is d most helpful.. n if i'm not in my room, sila carik i dekat bilik diorang.. ;p

For the past 2 months, I was thinking to decorate the room with mini aquarium, beautiful desk lamp, and our family portrait.. haha until now there's none! I told u i was very busy!! ;p

Sometimes I have to come on weekend to finish my task.. and this is when papa n sara have to tagged along.. sory sayang2 ku :)

Current project is Emily Arisara's 1st birthday bash.. I already have a theme.. Since Arisara love her Mr Teddy so much, I am planning to have Teddy Bear Picnic Birthday Party... There will be a lot of Mr n Mrs Teddy's around, red and white checkered table cloth, colorful balloons, and birthday flag.. Oh nice food will be served too!!    : D

To Julena.. penat dah i bagi tips kat u.. u mmg degil!! ;p

Lot's of love,
~ Nurul ~


  1. hahaha..sebab i CSE degil..tanya kak hazrin..mesti dia bengang layan i.. tapi i tetap akan berusaha memajukan call i..!!! (promise sambil silang jari)

  2. Cantik nya page...kalu jual barang kat sini..sure leh laku...

  3. juju: silang jari x count.. nasib baik u bkn agent i.. n nasib baik gak u bukan agent zoe!! ahaha ;p

    kak yan: ahaha thanks kak yan.. faiz kata page ni tak cantek mcm budak skola punye.. ahaha

  4. auntie.. is babyD invited to arisara 1st bday bash? :) ngeh3....

  5. ahaha babyD is always invited!! i'll reserve 1 handsome teddy for u k ;p

  6. waaa nice blog!! start jual barang la.. welcome back!! europe tips please!!! my turn lak soon hehe

  7. wakaka.. i'm working on it la ni.. sabarrr... ingat i xde anak nak jaga ke.. hehe

  8. sbr jer lArh...:)

    sian kt adik kecil itu :D

  9. ahaha.. tu la kecik2 dah kena pegi ofis kan ;p


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