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Talisman Annual Dinner & Dance 2011

Date: 28/5/2011
Event: Talisman Annual Dinner & Dance
Theme: Atlantis The Underworld
Venue: Mandarin Oriental

Masa utk airbrush!! cute dolphin for me, Scary shark for hubby :)

Time for Us di kartunkan :)

My 1st cute tatoo.. body paint jer I x buat..

Entertainer: Dona Daniels ~ fly from Aussie & Energetic Mizz Nina

D nyummy2 stuff!!

The most impressive show!

What we bring home..

Saying good bye.. Hasta la vista.. We had so much fun.. C u guys next year!! : D

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It’s been a while..

It’s been a while since I shop till drop for shoes n dresses..
It’s been a while since I have countless of high heels..
It’s been a while since I put on my heels..
It’s been a while since I put on my make up..

Ye.. It’s been a while now.. Remembering my awesome teenage years, kind of missing my life back then.. I love all the love notes from the admirers.. *in d end I fall in love with someone who never give me any love notes or cards.. Ever!!* I kind of missing my heels collections *flip flop everywhere now* I kind of missing hubby jeles2.. *now dia bole gelak2 je if org kacau i.. ; ( * Kind of missing shop till me drop for clothing *now more shop till drop for household*

Ok.. Enough with stroll down memory lane.. I’ve been there, done that!! No regret.. I move on to another phase of life.. An adult life.. *I’m sure 10 years from now, I will miss my life with baby Sara* 

Smalam we go out just the 2 of us.. Baby Sara tinggal dgn bibik.. So we had a chance to talk.. Looking back for the past 10 years, we gone thru our period of life together.. We evolved together.. Both of us.. We have no regret.. We love our life.. We just love the way it is.. Everything went smoothly.. As smooth as O’Briens coffee!! Ahaha..

Sebenarnyer nak citer pasal outing smalam jer.. pegi OU lagi.. dah lama tak shopping baju.. kenapa ter scroll down memory lane? Pasal smalam carik baju me n hubby.. Both of us dah tambah 1 lagi size.. (naik pangkat).. So mcm remembering back our teenage years when the tummy is flat laa.. N konon2 hot!! Ahaha..

First time try O’Briens, coffee dia tak best sgt.. Ok ok ajer.. Triple decker sandwich agak best.. *ada org carik dome kat OU.. N 1st time la dia tak heran Nampak starbucks*

Entry ni mengarut to bit.. time kasih kerna abiskan masa mmbaca.. daaa...
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Semalam bagi tutorial kat bibik, nama bibik saya Tilla.. Ajar bibik guna washing machine, clothes dryer, rice cooker, kettle.. Ajar gak camner nak on/off tv, aircond.. pastu dia kena blajar lak camner nak guna bottle warmer n sterilizer.. kesian bibik kami ni.. ehehe

Hari ni pagi2 dia dah bangun vacuum n mop rumah.. So far nampak rajin n suka godek Sara.. sampai I lak kena tegur dia jgn slalu dukung takut Sara jadi manja sangat.. I gak yang susah nanti.. : (  Alhamdulillah.. keep up d good work k bibik..

Semalam gak we all gi OU carik baju for Talisman dinner.. dapat dress cun kat Dorothy Perkins color hijau.. skali hubby msg ari ni ada changes in dress code.. Sea color!! Aishh!! Hijau tu color rumpai air.. sea la gak tu kan?ahaha.. boleh tak langgar je dress code tu?? ;p

Takpe ari ni kami terjah OU lagi.. semalam ada nampak dress biru kat warehouse.. Sara stay ngan bibik kat rumah k ;p Dinner Maybank tak penah nyer la Nampak batang idung i.. Dinner Talisman mcm I tak penah miss.. haishh.. 
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Finally hari ni bibik sampai!! : ) officially la saya dah tak bole berpakaian kurang senonoh dlm rumah.. No more privacy lagi.. uhukuhuk.. pengorbanan namanyer ni..

Praying hard bibik ni rajin n sayang Sara.. *amin*!!

Sangat penat mengemas bilik bibik.. * y I yg mengemas nih..?? * ahaha.. kena beli kipas utk bilik bibik.. mau pengsan kalau bibik tido pakai aircond.. ;p

Welcome bibik!! :D
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free food

Jom.. Kita jumpa di McD on 18th!! makan mcchicken!! :)

or print the coupon here

I'm truly Malaysian :)
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Appreciation to emak- Happy Mothers Day!!

Sepuluh Budak Hitam

Sepuluh budak hitam
Main tepi jalan
Satu kenalah langgar
Budak hitam tinggal sembilan

Sembilan budak hitam
Main di atas papan
Satu sudahlah jatuh
Budak hitam tinggal lapan

Lapan budak hitam makan sangat gelojoh
Satu senak perutnya kini tinggal tujuh
Tujuh budak main pula tanam-tanam
Satu sudah lemas tinggallah enam hey...

Enam budak hitam
Makan buah kurma
Satu tertelan biji
Budak hitam tinggallah lima

Lima budak hitam
Main lompat-lompat
Satu patah kakinya
Budak hitam tinggallah empat

Empat budak hitam
Main biji saga
Satu termasuk di hidungnya
Budak hitam tinggallah tiga

Tiga budak hitam
Usik orang tua
Satu kena belangkung
Budak hitam tinggallah dua

Dua budak hitam main pula lempar batu
Satu jenduh kepalanya kini tinggal satu
Satu budak hitam sangat pula susah hati
Dia tak mahu makan lalu mati hey...
Hey budak hitam... budak hitam... budak hitam

What I remember about emak is, she always have a unique approach to teach, guide, n be close to us. Like all mothers, setiap malam she will read us- to me n my lil brother a bedtime story. But all time favorite is cerita 10 budak hitam (ofcoz at that point we have no idea it’s actually a lyric). Forget about Cinderella, Rapunzel or Snow White.. I am more interested n excited to hear story pasal si budak2 hitam.. N kadang2 me n my lil brother will request ‘nak cerita 100 budak merah!!’ n mak always know how to make up nice story for us : )

When we r too bz playing sampai tak hingat nak mandi.. emak guna psychology ajak we all mandi.. Instead of kata jom mandi.. She will says jom main air.. ofcoz laa we all nak main air kan.. Coz we know mak akan buat bubble sabun!! It’s fun!! N mak will sing to us lagu buih sabun..

Ever heard of this song?

saya suka main buih sabun
gelembung bulat cantik berkilat
bila di tiup angin melayang
terbang tinggi sampai ke awan

sabun campur air kocak kocak
jadi buih
ambil buih celup
tiup buih terbang sayup......

Emak also loves to read a book for us.. We have a set of Big Phat Red Children’s Britannica encyclopedia set.. Back then the funny part is.. I already know what is falcon as early as 6. But clueless what is eagle… ahaha.. terlebih baca encyclopedia kan..

Emak loves art too..she will cut out potato, batang keladi.. to any shape n we all akan create our own cop mohor.. hehe.. We also learn to make a kite, dolls, origami.. Ikebana pun ader taw.. ahaha petik rumput2 kat laman rumah buat ikebana.. ;p

Too many memories with emak.. Which I only appreciate after becoming a mama.. Me n Sara will have our own memories and I hope it is a good one : ) Selamat Hari ibu mak!! Glad to have u in my life.. Tq for let me be who I want to be, Thanx for your guidance.. I love u!!

To all mothers, happy mothers day!!
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Splendid Siakap Steam

Alamak.. the title is a bit too much.. Overrated giler ahaha.. Yesterday is a new chapter for us as a family.. We start living with Arisara w/out any help.. It just us- me, hubby n baby sara..

That night Arisara bangun dlm pkl 12am.. n tanak tido sampai pkl 3am.. adoii.. both of us pun kena la berjaga mlm tadi kan.. kbetulan ada game MU mlm tadi.. so dia tmankan la papa dia tgk bola.. ;p 

papa tgk bola mesti tak feel kan? coz takleh jerit2 time gol!!.. hehe..

Biler dah berjaga mlm confirm la lapar kan.. mlm2 buta tu papa masak nasik.. he ask me.. nak makan ape? I kata Siakap Steam!! N I have to give instructions while breastfeed Arisara.. The funny part is.. To make sure he did it right, he snap a pic n show me.. btul ke macam ni??

Psstt sayang.. I lupe nk bgtau, if nak steam ape2 bole guna rice cooker ajer.. hehe sory!! ;p

Tapi serius laa.. awak masak mmg sgt sedap : ) (walaupun 1st time kan) err n kurang masak skit.. ahaha bantaii ajer laa... asal prut kenyang.. senang hatii!! : )

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Bibik wanted

Mencuri masa utk menulis blog!! Takde masa but have to!! HAVE TO!! I dun want to miss a single wonderful things happen to our life.. Arisara wud read this someday, knowing she was loved by me n her papa.. No matter how much she hate us in future (teenage rebellion-at some point she will), She will read this n will understand y we do wat we do.. How we care, concern n worried about her, how we want only the best for her!!
We are looking up n down for a nanny; someone who will loves her n take good care of her. It’s not easy, as we need to trust others to take care of our baby, but we simply have no choice- I just can’t give up my job yet, not now..  We need to strengthen ourselves, economically and financially first, posses more-in plan asset then only I can reconsider to give up my job..
Back to in-search-for-a-good-nanny, I prefer someone who comes to our house to babysit Arisara. We babyproofing the house to make sure everything is safe n secure for her. N I can’t bear to wake her up as early as 6am to send her ke rumah nanny. Err.. Yes, I dun think ade yang sanggup come to our house just to babysit Arisara, so we opt to hire a maid.. Already check a few agent..  I think by end of next month the bibik will arrive.. Hopefully can get someone who loves children.. Lucky me cuti for 3 months, atleast i can monitor the bibik n train her sikit2..
Labor Day
Cuti lama, so ari pun boleh lupe.. sangat terkejut bila abang2 pulang ari isnin.. huhu.. selamat hari pekerja smua!! Cousin2 Arisara semuanyer ada, berkumpul kat rumah nenek ni.. I can’t remember when is d last time smua berkumpul skali macam ni.. Everybody is bz bz bz..  Atuk n nenek yg d most happy.. N obviously Arisara pun happy skali.. She behave very well dlm swing dia sambil dilayan oleh cousin2.. N mama can get some rest too.. ;p
Arisara sangat happy sampai mengigau2 k.. At 3 am, dia ketawa terkekek2.. bukan smile taw.. tapi she’s laughing actually.. It’s her 1st time laughing mcm tu.. Err..Sara kamu buat mama seram,.. tolong la jgn gelak mcm tu pagi2 buta.. aishhh...
Mama starts packing.. We r going home!! Papa balik mlm nnt trus fetch kite balik rumah!! Nenek keep pujuk mama to stay.. But papa have to work tomorrow.. So mmg kena balik mlm ni jugak.. Nenek will miss u a lot.. N mama know how sad she is now.. : ( sunyilaa rumah ni if sara takde.. nenek said.. We will come as often as we can k mak..
Okeh .. Have to finished packing.. my dear hubby, be home safe k!! Love u!!
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