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Hadramawt Chulan Square

*typing fast*

Hubby out for some grocery shopping, Sara is sleeping lpas tgk Magika.. N me take this opportunity to type something in my blog.. :) First of all I would like to thanks to all yang tinggal jejak by leaving your comments here.. To my silent reader, care to leave some comments yeah? Really appreciate it :) xoxo

I'm a bit pissed today.. If you ask me why I did not link my friend's blog list in my blog that is because 1 sleazy girl will go n bother them. U have no idea how sleazy this girl can be and I don't think she should have any offspring as she will raised them to be as sleazy as her.. * kesian my friends tak pasal2  difitnah.. communications work! ;p*

Tomorrow I will be very very busy.. coz dah 2 hari tak masuk office as I have to attend training kat Bangi.. I wish I dont have to go training on that Friday.. coz Ajun n Ara invite us to join them golfing...erkk I wish I could go!!  :(  *Ara.. u jd main ke? how was it?*

Then semalam, we had lunch with ayah n ibu kat hadramawt Chulan Square. I love the interior.. the service however is quite slow.. The staff are very friendly, The food was nyummy, the dessert rasa cam pelik sikit.. *did I smell minyak atar in my dessert?* ahaha

Overall I prefer to eat my nasi arab here compared to al-rawsha or Adhydramawt ampang.. Recommended, but have to be patient laa.. the serving time between finish your main course ngan having your dessert tu mcm lama sangat.. i think about 45 mins.. Sara dah start jadi cranky so I kena bawak dia jln2 around the restaurant.

I can see 'jalan-jalan cari makan' plaque here, and the photo of famous faces having their meal here..
To name a few, Ahmad Badawi, Mahathir, Maher Zain.. n few more faces yg I x recognized..

Let's have a try here k friends?
~ The girl who eat ~
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