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First week @ playschool Brainy Bunch Setia Alam

Salam dear Pamabearies!

Today is the fourth day Sara went to Brainy Bunch Setia Alam. Guess what? She is not crying at all today! *clapclap*I felt so much relieved! In fact she is not even looking at me when I am driving away. I wonder if she already start to fitting in, or because her favorite teacher, aunt Lin was there, or because I promised her to buy whatever toys she wants if she go to school today. 

If buying toys can make her happy and stop her from crying when she had to go to school every morning, if this is what it takes to keep me in a peace of mind, then this is what I will exactly do.. Buying her toys! You have no idea how hurts it felt when you have to leave your child behind while they crying out loud for you. It felt like humongous rock thrown to your chest and broke it into pieces. 

I must say I am happy with our choice to send her to Brainy Bunch and particularly Brainy Bunch in Setia Alam. That is the best option for now. 

Yeah.. Considering

  • Maid – Bibik will feed her, put her to sleep, bath her and let her watch tv. She will never learn and if you are lucky she will speak indon with some java slang.. And to be honest, I don’t really trust maid. To do house chores, yes - but to take care of my baby? Nayyy...
  • Send to home based Nanny – Bear in mind, the nanny have her own family, the husband and the son. Frankly speaking, I don’t really trust man.. If you know what I mean? Better safe than sorry.
  • Small nursery – The reason why I choose not to send my babies to non reputable nursery is because whatever happen to your children, the worst case scenario is they will just close down the business and get punish. Little damage done. They will probably get away with it and open another nursery with different name.

Talking about Brainy Bunch Setia Alam, I really appreciate when they frequently updated their activities on their FB page. At least they can feed the curious mama like me.

So in this few days I went to fetch Sara at different hours, just checking how she is doing. First day, when I went to fetch her, she is having her snack and she is all happy and refused to leave school. Second day, she is joining solat asar, and excited when she saw me.. Oh the teacher told me.. Sara ramai fans! Erk!! Okaaayyy… Third day, I came a bit late and she was crying because all her friends already gone back home.

In these 3 months time, with me at home and be with her 24/7 has turned Sara to clingy and needy child. She wants to be around me at all times. I hope by sending her to school will encourage her to be independent, and develop her skills to interact with her peers. So I am crossing my fingers hoping Sara will adjust herself to these changes, blend and adapt to this new routine ASAP.

I will go back to work this Tuesday… (sucks eh?) And on top of my working day routine, I have to send Sara to school and fetch her after work. I guess I have to leave home very early in the morning, around 7.30am or the latest 7.45am. Thank God the parking issue has resolved! I merely need to maneuver my new routine and eventually I will get use to it! Insha’Allah.

#Sara is turning 2 years old this April, right after we come back from Japan. I thought of buying her rainbow birthday cake and send it to school so she can celebrate it with all her new friends. I wonder if other parents will be okay with the food coloring. Or should I go for normal and all time favorite chocolate cake? Hmm.. Thinking!


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