Bridezilla's First Aid Kit

Gold Frame and Square Lace Trays Mirror Base

Salam my dear brides and grooms,

Just to update our latest items, 

Gold frame is our latest product in Luxury Gold collection. You can now personalize your hantaran with your per-wedding photo. The frame can be combined with the ring and (or) the cheque.

Good news to those who are interested in our Square Lace Trays. The mirror bases are now available for rental at only RM2 each! The mirror base will definitely add a dramatic finishing to your hantaran. Lovely lovely!!

Both items will be updated in our Luxury gold collection and Square Lace Trays collection. Just click on the picture on your right hand side and it will link you directly to the pages okay.

Dear readers,

I know recently I am too busy updating my collections and online business stuff, I promise I will find some time to update more about us.. There are lots of things to share, I wish I have all the time to sit in front of my lappy to share our story.. *sigh* There are lots of things to be done and have to get it done before my maternity.. Soon....Help!!


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Cheque Holder & Gold Tray

Salam my dear beautiful brides & grooms to be,

Check this out, our new items for Luxury Gold Collections.

You may click on our right hand side link that will direct you to our gold collection for more items!

Cheque Holder

Gold Tray

Contact us on FB or e-mail directly to for further inquiries.

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Indahnya Hidup Bersyariat :)

‘‘Worry not with what you don’t know, for you can always learn. Worry much about what you think you know, for pride in knowing blinds the truth.’’ ~Faidzul Sharifuddin
Wearing hijab and praying 5 times a day does not makes one religious, it just makes them a Muslim. I read this quotes somewhere and I just could not agree more. Wearing a hijab does not make the person any better or holier. So there is no need to feel inferior when someone you knew starts wearing a hijab. Some pointed out to improve on faith is far more important than appearance. Personally, I believed once we improved spiritually; eventually our appearance will improve too.  So there is no need to debate who is good who is not. No one is judging. You may choose to start with either or both, that would be a good start.. :)
Up to now, I am still in learning process. There are lots of things I need to learn. I don’t have any specific book to guide me, most of the times I refer to Mr.Google for all the questions I had in mind. Sometimes Mr.Google did confuse me when there are a few different answers from different sources.
Alhamdulillah, look what I got for my birthday! This book explains in details with illustration pictures, all the Muslim should know and should do-correctly. Everything I need to know from the birth to the death. Indahnya hidup bersyariat is a gift from Sist Lily and my 3 beautiful nieces.
So I have a new material to read before I went to sleep now. When papa read out Peter and Jane to Sara, Mama will join them with this book.  Love this book to bit! : )
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Beautiful world, Beautiful people!

It’s Sunday!! How was your weekend friend?

We have to plan our weekend now. No more ad-hoc vacation, and if we were to go for any wedding functions we need to check our appointment first with our customers. Almost every week we had this collect and return arrangements, and some customer want to come over to our ‘gallery’ to see the trays and accessories themselves.

To our customer please don’t be late or do last minute cancellation as this will impact our plan for that weekend okay.. Pleaseeeee….. :)

I literally get so excited with this business. I set up my own company policy and I make sure to oblige it, I do proper accounting, documented everything and issued the receipt and invoice to our customer. I promise myself I will do this right. Insha’Allah!


We had a very urgent meeting last Friday. It’s almost end of our financial year, and of course now is the busiest time for us especially me. Since I will be in maternity on December 7th, I have to get everything’s done before that.

So during our meeting, my team leader, Kak Mimi, asked me to attend the meeting with the heads from all silo including MGCC head, my boss, for monthly report presentation on her behalf. She is the one who preparing the report and the slides and normally she will be the one who attending the meeting. Since she was busy with our annual evaluations, she needs me to replace her and the worst part is the meeting will be held in less than an hour!

I was like… OMG Kak Mimi is trying to kill me!! I need at least 1 day to study the report! The bosses won’t just nod their heads listening to my presentation, they need some explanations! They will want to clarified things.. Where and how I get the data, and why this figure is less/more than last month.. I am doomed!! *Heartless Supervisor!!*


So yes, while I was on my cold feet trying to absorb whatever information given by Kak Mimi, my colleague were busy took a picture and cam whoring (like they always do- nothing weird about that) and we also have extra actress and actors, pretending to also ‘crack head’ to prepared me for the meeting that makes this whole ‘play’ real and live!

And finally they told me it was just a punked.. yes wakenabeb.. haha.. *relieved*. It’s actually for my belated birthday celebrations, and to be honest I love the gift and the cards makes me laughed to tears.

I love my QM brothers and sisters and I am glad to be part of the team. They are simply the best! Thank you for my birthday punked ! Arigato!

From Brunei with love

Mir just came back from her 1 week luxury vacation in Brunei. As usual my friends will bring home a fridge magnet for me. I love it! 


We had our late lunch in Tony Roma’s and do some shoes windows shopping. Unfortunately for Mir, someone broke into the house and took all the valuable things including her favorite custom made Bally and Clarks heels. She was a bit upset so we went to Clarks and Aldo to find her new shoes.

So if someone wants to sell you a Bally or Clark shoes at a very cheap price, please check if there is Mir Amira Sham name on it. ; p

I guess that’s all for today.. Syukur Alhamdulillah I am surrounded with positive people, beautiful mind and big hearted friends. May Allah bless all of us!

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Noah's Birth Date

While most mothers talk about the doom and gloom of Caesarean birth and praying hard for having their babies vaginally, I choose for giving birth to Noah through Caesarian.
I had a Caesar in April 2011 with my first daughter, Arisara, and I had a truly wonderful experience. I walk in to Operational Theatre, lying down, feeling numb on my lower body part, while my husband holding my hand tight, we talk and he makes his jokes with his funny face, and we laughed a lot while waiting for the doctor to finish her job. My husband took a picture of me, pain-free and happy face, feeling excited and looking forward to hold our first baby angel. Both of us were excited and burst with happy tears when we heard she cried for the first time.
Until now when I look at my baby girl, I always told her, dear Sara, you are the sweetest thing happening in my life and thank you for making it easier and beautiful experience for mama. You caused me 0 traumas.
 If you ask me how is the contractions, the pushing, or the stretching like.. Well to be honest, I have no idea! I know some of you may read this and started to label me already. Hihi..We just can’t stop Mak Jah from talking aren’t we? So, to all Caesarean mothers, let’s ignore those staggering and negative comments okay.
So we had our appointment with our gynae yesterday, and we told her that we wish to go for Caesarean birth. After some discussion we have decided to give birth to Noah on 7th December 2012, Insha’Allah. Doc Seri suggested a very unique date which is on 12th Dec 2012, but we prefer our favorite number, 7 it is. Plus Arisara was born on 7th April; number 7 is quite significant and charming number to our family.
The best thing of determining your labor date is you can starts planning your life ahead. After pin in Noah’s birth date, my husband starts to check on his offshore trips, while I start to check on my appointment with pamabearlilangel rental customers <and to make some arrangements where necessary> and to complete my BPI and pending work at office, and we already started to arrange the itinerary for our Japan trip <and Jakarta-Bandung too> and to book for hotels, Japan rail and theme park tickets. Oh not to forget, visa application too! Pheww.. That’s a lot of works!
So it is less than a month now until I give birth to Noah. We have decided to name him Noah Iskandar Bin Muhammad Faiz. Of course we have very high expectations from our baby boy. Not to worry baby Noah, just be healthy and the rest Insha’Allah we will guide and shape you to be one great guy just like your Papa!
So my dear friends, wish me all the best and pray for me and Noah okay.. : )
To all mothers who choose to endure the birth pains, well you deserve a pat on the back. *Clap,Clap*

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Luxury Gold Collection

Assalamualaikum dear beautiful bride/groom to be.. :)

Don’t stress yourself too much looking for the perfect hantaran for your loved one.. We are here to help you, our brides and grooms-to-be to find the most beautiful hantaran decorations for your BIG day!

Tepak Sireh

We are very sure you will fall in love with our latest gold collections. The tepak sireh is like no other, round and modern design with a touch of gold luxury, it is definitely a head turner and the highlight of the hantaran. Well we don’t call tepak sireh a ‘kepala hantaran’ for nothing aren’t we?

Rent this at only RM50

Ring Holder

So what could be the most suitable ring holder for your loved one wedding ring? Wedding ring signifies that you have found a loving partner, a friend with whom you can share the rest of your life. It should be placed in the most beautiful and eye-catching case. Don’t you think this ring holder is just perfect for your partner’s wedding ring? Well.. You tell me!

Code: RH01

Rent this at only RM25

Code: RH02

Rent this at only RM25

24K Gold Pleated Box

This gold box is a 24K gold plated. It’s up to your creativity and liking what to put inside this. Maybe you may put a luxury chocolate for chocolate lovers? Or jewellery? It’s your call!
Rent this at only RM50

Some idea for our brides/grooms :)


Cheque Holder

Rent this at RM 25

Gold Tray

Rent this at RM 25

Transparent Box with Gold Based

Rent this at RM25 

Gold Frame Picture

Rent this at RM5


Not available on

8/1/2013 - 14/1/2013 - Nor - Extra 2 days

4/2/2013 - 11/2/2013 - Gee - Ring and Cheque holder only - extra 3 days

1/3/2013 - 5/3/2013 - Neny Soffiana - Tepak Sireh only
27/3/13 - 1/4/2013 - Alia Mustaza 
6/4/13 - 11/3/13 - Shairiel Nabilla Sha'ari - Tepak sireh only
12/3/2013 17/3/2013 - Safrina - Tepak Sireh bulat, tepak sireh traditional, ring holder 

23/3/2013 - 7/4/2013 - All 'wi - Ring Holder and Cheque Holder 
15/4/2013 - 21/4/2013 - Melissa Badran - Ring holder & Cheque Holder only 

29/4/2013 - 4/5/2013 - Noorrina Mohd Zaki- Ring Holder, cheque holder and frame only
1/5/2013 - 6/5/2013 - Norintan Farina - Gold plated box, Gold box, Gold Tray,Tepak Sireh
22/5/2013 - 29/5/2013 - Naura Aida Riduan - Frame & Ring Holder- Extra 2 days 

26/5/2013 - 2/6/2013 - Nabila Haini- extra 3 days- tepak sireh only
13/6/2013 - 18/6/2013 - Suraya - Tepak Sireh & Gold Tray only

19/6/2013 - 24/6/2013 - Azleen - Tepak Sireh only

1/7/2013 - 7/7/2013 - Shafina Samson - Ring holder & Chq Holder - Extra 1 day

13/8/2013 - 18/8/2013 - Pn Zahriyah - tepak sireh traditional & Ring Holder RH01
13/8/2013 - 19/8/2013 - Zaid - Cheque holder & Ring Holder RH02
27/8/2013 - 1/9/2013 - Nurul Ummaira - tepak sireh only

17/9/2013 - 27/9/2013 - Alin - Chq holder

8/10/13 - 13/10/13 - Mia - Tepak sireh tradisional
16/10/2013 - 21/10/2013 - Umi Syafika - Tepak Sireh tradisional

3/12/2013 - 8/12/2013 - Khaireen Kamaruddin- tepak moden, RH01, chq holder gold, gold box 18k, small tray.
5/12/13 - 10/12/13 - Maisarah Khairuzaman -Ring holder RH02
17/12/2013-24/12/2013- Munira- Ring holder RH01 & chq holder, Gold Box 18k, Tepak sireh traditional, Tepak moden gold

18/12/2013 - 25/12/2013 - Wati -  RH01
25/12/2013- 1/1/2014 - Mir Amira Sham - RH02 ,chq holder,Gold Box 18k, Tepak moden bulat n disco ball


7/1/2014 - 12/1/2014 - Salina Thani - Gold Box, Ring Holder, Cheque Holder
31/1/2014 - 5/2/2014 - Cust - chq holder

12/2/2014 - 17/2/2014 - Yasmin - Tepak Sireh Moden Bulat silver
12/2/2014 - 17/2/2014 - Ezza - Tepak Sireh Moden Bulat

1/3/2014 - 6/3/2014 - Norazila-  Tepak Sireh Moden 4 segi, Ring Holder
19/3/2014 - 24/3/2014 - Fawwaz - RH01 n CH
19/3/2014 - 24/3/2014 - Farah - RH02
27/3/2014 - 1/4/2014 - Elly - RH01 n CH

24/4/2014 - 29/4/2014 - Nabihah - RH
29/4/2014 - 5/5/2014 - Ayuni - Ring Holder & Chq Holder

10/5/2014 - 15/5/2014 - Harits - Tepak sireh bulat
16/5/2014 - 28/5/2014 - Siti Nurhafishah- Tepak Sireh bulat & Ring Holder
29/5/2014 - 3/6/2014 - Wani - Tepak sireh tradisional

August 2014
21/8/2014 - 26/8/2014 - Sazalin- Ring Holder Gold

Sept 2014
3/9/2014 - 8/9/2014 - Ring Holder 01, Chq Holder - Norrina
4/9/2014 - 17/9/2014 - Ring Holder 02, Chq Holder Gold, Gold Plated Box - Farah Izma

October 2014
2/10/2014 - 7/10/2014 - Syamim - Tepak Sireh Moden Bulat Gold
8/10/2014 - 15/10/2014 - Noor Hidayah- Chq Holder
15/10/2014 - 20/10/2014 - Nur Fatihah - Tepak Sireh Moden Bulat Gold
24/10/2014 - 27/10/2014 - Kunatharshini - Ring Holder 01, Ring Holder 02
29/10/2014 - 3/11/2014 - Khairunnisa - Ring Holder

November 2014
27/11/2014 - 2/12/2014 - Sally - Chq Holder

December 2014
18/12/2014 - 23/12/2014 - Fauziah Hanim - Chq Holder

So book your date with us today!

With Love,
Pamabear :)
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