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It's 8:00 A.M., and you've got a big day ahead. Face to face with your closet.. Don't worry..We’ve all been there-done that.
Standing in front of our closets with our hands on our hips and a scowl on our lips.


How we wish we have our own personal wardrobe fairy who flits into our closet, magic wand extended and poof!

Perfectly coordinated outfits for any occasion magically appear, complete with shoes, bags and accessories.
Aaahh... Too good to be true!

But worry not my love,the secret of creating an interesting ensemble is now yours..

Walk in to our Pamabearlilangels Closet and find your style over our 5000 choices of clothing and accessories.Within a click away you can now plan what to wear on that first date, or school reunion.. Express yourself and have fun mix and match our tops, skirts and accessories.. With the lowest price offered, you can never say No.. :)

 Hello readers!

Salam Aidilfitri,

 Di kesempatan ini kami di Pamabearlilangels ingin menyusun 10 jari memohon kemaafan sekiranya terdapat kekasaran bahasa dan salah faham sepanjang berurusniaga dengan kami.

And.. we would like to invite you to check out our new online business, Pamabearlilangels Closet. A little bit about our 'virtual walk in closet', it's all started when we visited Japan early this year. We just loved how the Japanese especially those in Tokyo are dressing up.  We walk along Harajuku and we thought.. Why not we bring home their style? We got to mix and match to suite our culture off course, well.. girls.. you should know better! :D

So here we are, bringing home the cuteness of Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese style for our readers! 

While you are waiting for our Mily Sara collections and Bridal line to be release.. Help yourself by visiting this page and plan ahead what to wear to class next week.. haha .. :D

There are 5000 designs and styles to choose from there must be something that you fancy :) 

Till then my lovelies...

Happy Shopping!!


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