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Dear readers,

If you wish to throw a nice party for your loved ones, me just a call away :) drop me a comment if you are interested to use something borrowed from here k! ;p


Rock your kid's party with this photo booth. Trust me photo booth makes any party better and it's also will be one of the main attractions at the party!!


Photo booth package:
- 1st B'day party banner with your kid's name flags (the banner can be change )
- IKEA poang kids chair
- 120 cm Teddy bear x 1
- Medium size teddy bear x 3
-Picnic basket x 1
- Green grass carpet x 1

Price: RM150 ONLY!!
*Balloon is not included*


If you think this is the sit down game with controller you are totally wrong. X-box kinect is the game where your family will have so much fun jumping, moving, and turning around. Please refer to the video below for some ideas. It's great for party.. Let’s forget the musical chairs, and charade game.. It's obsolete and so yesterday.. X-box kinect is F U N!

X-box package:
-5 hours X-box kinect 
-The decorations-Colorful flags and Alphabet flag (15 alphabet)
*additional alphabet will be charged RM1 per alphabet* 
-The person in charge- To manage the games
RM 300

*Options to add: 42 inch LCD  TV for RM200 only*


Don’t neglect your party decorations because that is what makes the party go lively and refreshing. Instead of plain white table cloth, why don’t you spread these bright red polka dot and checkered table cloth out onto your table top? Your guest will feel delighted and I am sure the food will look more scrumptious.

Table cloth package:
Checkered table cloth x 4
Polka dot table cloth x 4

For only RM50
*Additional table cloth will be charged accordingly*

Centerpiece package:
Vase x 8
Artificial flowers x 8
Frame *with your kids pics n free design* x 8

For only RM 40
*The bears and the mineral water is not included*


I am sure your guest will leave your party with sweet memories. Treat them with assorted colors of flavorful candy and cakes. That is something that can leave a lasting impression that will be forever remembered by your guests, especially the little ones. :)


Candy Buffet package:
Giant Birthday banner x 1
Colorful table cloth x 1
Jars with labels x 2
Tray with labels x 2
3 tier tray x 1
2 glass tray for candy or chocolate with labels x 2
Small cake stand with cover x 1

For only RM150

Don't hesitate to contact me ye..
Have a blast!! :)


  1. @KhaiRin : anies haha.. tu laa.. dunia makin canggih.. dulu kita main mario je hikhik..

  2. xbox 5 hours free for me please.. kiki.. every hour i check your traffic tau. air yang tenang jangan disangka tiada udang bermata sepet.nanti dia sepit sepit u haha. udang tak bertelur pun ada..wakaka

    1. lol ok 10 hours for u! sbb u bkn cek traffic i je kan? haha jahat u ni.. y udang? tak kisah sbnrnye nk sepit2 ke apa yg pntng i tau sape. so i lbh berwaspada.. haha tak kisah la nk ltak nama insyira ke sara ke sandy ke.. tq babe xoxo

  3. wah menariknya tema party macam ni..:)


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