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Dusun Sungai Gabai


We spend our Sunday in dusun sungai gabai. This is our second visit here. The farm is belongs to one of my hubs office mate. Our first visit was during durian’s season, we had a fruits buffet. Durian,rambutan,mangosteen you name it. It’s not like I never experienced all this. It just brings back my sweet childhood memories.

 My parent’s house is in the middle of the farm surrounded with all kind of plants. We are moving here after my dad’s retired. 15 years ago, we will spend our weekend and overnight in the hut built in the middle of this farm during durian’s season. At 3am my dad will take the torch to find the durian once we heard it dropped.
The hut is quite big actually we can call it a house. A small house with a small kitchen, toilet and balcony of course there’s a water supply and electricity too. It was like our short getaway. I hated it back then; I can’t bear the mosquito’s bites and the leech. Most of the time, I will be in the balcony reading some book and listening to radio. Sayang kan.. I miss the fun back then.

For the very first time, we can see how lamb mandy was done. The lamb was cooked in the special oven, which are dug in the ground. The lamb was cooked by Shiekh, from Saudi Arabia. 4 hours in the oven and the lamb is ready to serve. I tell you, the smoky taste of the lamb was scrumptious.

We had so much fun, thank you for having us!! We are in the middle of acquiring our own farm and hopefully another few years from now we can host our own ‘open farm’ too.. :D


  1. wah sedapnya kambing tu :) sis makin berseri2, cantik la...

  2. yana & anies- mmg best sesangat!! :)
    yana- tq yang!! :) *blush*

  3. wow..bestnye..teringin nak pergi :)


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