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2013 Theraphy

While most of my friends updating their New Year countdown moments on FB, I am sitting at my desk, facing my pink lappy, and do account year end closing for Pamabearlilangel Rental Services. The year end for this business should be on September 2013 but I guess it would be easier to make some changes on fiscal year end to date 31st Dec 2012. Starting the business officially in mid September, I must say the business is doing very well. I am addicted to online business, and I was thinking of some other business under the Pamabearlilangel branding. Yup, dream big! And make it happen is just my style! :D . How I love to see every credit transactions to my account and it is just..Addicted!

This is just what I need. I need other alternative source of income. I am a big spender. My salary alone can’t afford my cellumination essence and miracle water. Retail therapy really works on me. I go shopping whenever I feel sad and it does make me happy. So on a bored New Year eve, I spend my whole day doing online shopping. I shop in Radiusite and Al-Humaira for shawls, Pop Look, Zawara and Fuzana Mokhtaza for dresses. Mostly is impulse buying I must say but no damage done, and I am certainly happy with all my purchases. The best part about online shopping is I can do it while breastfeeding Noah! Hihi..

I receive my first parcel today from Fuzana Mokhtaza, and WOW! She really impressed me. I just love the material she use and her design. I am her big fan now! There are a few dress, peplum and baju kurung I wish to own from her collection. But I told myself, let’s order 1 first and we’ll see from there. Well.. I guess more order coming your way Fuzana! :D

Fit me perfectly :)

 Well I guess this is it.. my first entry in 2013... Happy new year to all readers, may success kiss your feet, happiness prevails on you like clouds and love embraces your life! xoxo


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