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Noah 2 months

Salam Pamabearies! 

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A few things I’d love to share with you girls.. 

Noah 2 months

Do you remember when I told you that Noah can roll from his tummy to back? Which I thought it is just a coincidence? Apparently.. It is not. At 2 months now, He has impressive body strength. His head is steady enough and no head wobbling.. His upper body is strong enough to support his head and chest with his arms while lying on his stomach and he can stretch out his legs and kick.
His Paed doubt me when I told her this, so she makes a several test to Noah, and all I heard she said is... Impressive!! He is doing impressive, Mama!.
Noah is 6.4kg now. His milestone is just incredible. I don’t expect much because most told us that the baby boy development is quite slow compared to baby girl. Normally baby girl is the one who started to walk and talk first. In Noah case, I think he is doing very well compared to Sara. I wonder if he can beat Sara to start to walk at 1 year old. Hmm.. We’ll see : D

The CinderSara.

Arisara always lost one of her shoes.  The incredible part is every time she lost one of her shoes, Papa manage to find it. As for now, Papa, the King of the heart, is the savior and I hope one day, she will find a prince charming, her knight in shining armor, whom willingly to find her lost shoes just like Papa.
As usual Sara lost her shoes again.. Only this time, it happen in the most crowded place which I thought it’s impossible to find.. Genting! Waaaaaiiiit for it.. During Chinese New Year! Can you imagine how crowded the place is? Since it is Sara favorite Crocs, Papa walk from parking area to First world hotel just to find her crocs! And amazingly, Papa found it!
Sara is having so much fun in Genting and to be honest we just can’t wait to see her reaction when she step her foot in Disneyland and Disney sea and Universal Studio!! Soon Sara.. Real soon…
So before I end my chippy chip munk for today, this is something to think about..

The love received is the love that is saved

You might think you have all the love in the world, so be thankful for all the love showered at you.

You might be the lucky one to be loved, thus, never ever despise others who might not be as lucky as you.

You might be proud to have someone who loves you for who you are, you deserve to be proud but don’t forget to be grateful.

But remember, never ever laugh or look down on the unfortunate one.. You will never know when Allah will take it all back from you.

In a blink of an eye, you might lose it all. All the love that you proud of before, might turn to hatred.

The people who are so dear and close to you can be the stranger or worst, the enemy.

 ~ Nurul ~

To someone who is far away now, may the white, cold, fluffy snow mend your broken heart.
Ignore what others might think or say about you, rotten heart is super hard to hide.
May you find the answers to all your question, May Allah give you peace and strength to move on,
May you find the way out to these obstacles.

That’s all I guess.. Insha’Allah I will share with you girls how to get compensate for the bad service rendered to you! It is fun! Haha.. Stay tuned to my next post okay! Until then..



  1. lamanya tak bw..noah dah 2 bulan pun..dh jalan2 pegi genting dah..hihi


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