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Birthday Babes

Last weekend we had a small makan2 for Humaira's Birthday..
She is now 11.. *sigh* time flies.. I remember the first time I step into Ampang Puteri and watch her in her mother's arm, she was like very very small.. The feelings of having a first niece.. aahh.. indescribable, unutterable :)

She will always be my favorite!! That is y i'd rather spend the time with her than attending an exclusive-*by invitation only* to Maybank awards nite with adibah noor and anuar zain :(

My friends was screaming at me when they knew I choose not to date go n watch Anuar Zain that night 
Hehe.. but seriously I never had a 'thing' for AZ.. lagi excited bile dengar ada Adibah Nor.. Coz i've seen her in Talisman dinner and she did 'wow'  impress me ;p

Back to Humaira's Bday celebrations..Nothing fancy.. Just get a Triple Decker cheese cake from Coffee Bean for her.. The layer of Coffee, Oreo and cheese really makes my day.. Love it to bits..

And.. As she was 11.. Something girly by Marciano for the Bday girl :D

Arisara is having her cheese cake when nenek suddenly warned mama.. 'anak kau gemuk nanti...' ;( hish nenek ni potong laaa... ;p

sara n cousin

For Bday girl :)
And today.. Aina (7) and Annissa (2) punye turn lak celebrate bday party.. Celebrated at rumah Atuk.. Meru Klang.

jom papa..jom mama.. i'm all dressed up!

potong kek!!

mama n sara in pink

err cover mama sikit sara,
sunburn main golf tak hilang lagi.. :(

I'm done with Bday entry!!
lalalalala... Sweet dreams u all...
nite!! :)


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